BOX – A Mystery Game

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A Mystery Game In A Book

As I pummel onwards with writing BOX, I realize that it is not only a puzzle book, but also a mystery game of philosophical intrigue. Each short story I’m writing is based on a dream I have had that has impacted and shaped my philosophical outlook on life. Of all of these seemingly disparate dreams, the mystery is: In which dream does the truth reside? The truths of ourselves aren’t always clear and how we lock these truths up and hide them within boxes of our own creation is what I am tackling and tumbling downwards into. Are the dreams we have how we see ourselves or are they indicative of what we hope or fear we may be? Perhaps they are none of these and they only serve as false endings and traps. What lays beyond the dream? is, perhaps, the true question.

The game will be played out through the 128 puzzles I have devised and woven into the book. For the curious, the puzzles include play on words, color, star charts, ancient maps, illustrated illusions, etc. and even origami! It’s been quite an undertaking. One mistake and I unravel all of my efforts. I have already had to rework the puzzles once because of a blockheaded lapse in focus and detail on my part. I pride myself on an obsessive concern with detail, but even I get lost in the maze I’ve created sometimes and have to follow the breadcrumbs back. In the end, all will be cohesive…fingers crossed.

If you have been following my blog, then you know I have dropped hints in the past of potential clues to be hidden in this blog of mine. Facades may be deceiving, but each post I have created is intentional and many will play a part in solving BOX. It is my intention to create an immersive experience where you will get to interact directly with me and perhaps with each other as you all put your collective minds together to defeat the BOX. I hope you are as excited as I am to play the most diabolical mystery game I have ever attempted to create in book form!

Don’t forget to…

Unlock the BOX, a mystery game, mystery and intrigue, adventure book, unlock your box, 128 puzzles, puzzle book, solve the book

– Mysterious Rabbit


Tidal Wave of Fun and Mayhem!


Well, folks. It’s time to roll out some fun and mayhem. Specifically, a Cookie Monster tidal wave of fun and mayhem! Just what am I blathering about? In the spirit of the puzzle book, BOX, that I’m writing I’m rolling out the first….drum roll please….

WRENDO Online Treasure Hunt!

Eventbrite - Bwah! It's A Tidal Wave Of Fun And Mayhem!

This is an online treasure hunt where you, my intrepid puzzlers, will get to compete either by yourself or with a team against others to win awesome prizes! Best of all you can play from the comfort of your own home or wherever you have reliable internet.

Just what is an online treasure hunt, you might ask?

In my diabolical lair of evil geniusness (yes, I know that’s not a word) I have put together a race to solve clues to passwords which I have spread all over the internet and it’s up to you to solve them as fast as you can. The passwords unlock your way to winning the treasure of prizes!

There will be fun and mayhem.

There will be prizes to be won.

There will be cookies for everyone! (Actually, no, but my friend the Cookie Monster made me say that because he’s a little not right in the head…shhhh…I didn’t say that)

Tell your friends. The more that play, the better the prizes!

Prizes include: Apple TVs, gift cards, Apple iPad minis. More prizes are added the more players there are. Early registration gets a discount. Register now!

More info at

– Pirate Rabbit…Aaaaargh!

Eventbrite - Bwah! It's A Tidal Wave Of Fun And Mayhem!

By Jove!


[By now, you’ve probably figured out this has become a testing ground for some of the puzzles in BOX. Don’t worry. The book is far more coherent than these ridiculous ramblings you read here. I’m just having a bit of fun challenging your brains. In a world of short attention spans, I challenge you to find the patience and intrepid fortitude to see these puzzles through. Degree of difficulty for this puzzle is – pretty freaking hard unless you figure out the shortcut. Don’t despair! Feel free to try with friends. Tweet me the solution and feedback on this puzzle @thewrenproject You might win a little treat for solving it.]

September 1, 1993. A day of small miracles. A little virgin rooster peck, peck, pecking through its shell to see the light of the midnight hour. It was an intensive labor of love that lasted 12 hours 57 minutes and 42 seconds. From Fog City I gazed into the night sky searching for your namesake but it was pinned through the earth against her left arm. If only I could have turned the world on its axis -4° upon the final hour (57 minutes, 6 seconds to be extra precise). I should have known our paths would not cross kindly. For this rabbit’s particular disposition is not for the peckish.

I chronicled all of this through the long lines of the elliptical. It took painstaking effort to capture all of the minute details of the moment, but it was all for you so that one day you might come to understand your importance to me. Your place amongst the stars is secure. Exceptional exceptions do occur. By Jove! They do.

I give you this. The world is your BOX. Play in it forevermore.

– From the cryptic love of a rabbit xoxoxo

The answer is _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Cutting The Roof Of My Mouth


[Ok. So I’ve tested my last two puzzle ideas on random people and they are evidently not that easy to figure out. In the spirit of dialing it waaay back. I’m going the other extreme and making something so damn easy you’ll say “C’mon, really? I could poop that answer in my sleep.” Though, that would be gross and kind of awkward. Level of difficulty = You get an A just for being awake.]

Oh Cap’n, my Cap’n!

Your treasure trove of crunchety crunchiness fills my taste buds with the flavor of the Gods! When I am away from this inspired deliciousness I wilt and faint from lack of the sweet saccharin high infused in your most food colored of fruit. Great sugary mayhem!

You are more splendid than Splenda!

You are more nutritious than Nutrasweet!

I would trade a pound of pure cane sugar for a box of your scrumptious power any day. When I ingest your flavorful flavorness I can scale tall mountains with a single bound off of my big toe. I can lift yellow buses with my mind and, if I’m lazy, my right pinky. Babies get saved from burning buildings. Cats get removed from trees. Tipped cows get righted. Parking tickets get paid! I say, parking…tickets…get…paid! Swoon!

Even your after milk becomes a supreme drink that rivals the great H2O. I cannot defy your greatness. I gladly risk daily cavities for just a sip of your off white delight so that I can swirl and swish it around in my mouth and eek out every last taste of the greatest mouth melody to hit my tongue glands. You are pure ecstasy invading the pleasure centers of my sweetened crazed brain. Gummi bears! Bouncing here and there and everywhere! You cannot trounce on me. I am pumped full of mightiness! Can I get a high five for diabetic ADD?!

You make my stomach rejoice in ecstacy. When I am pumped full of your tasty berries I am no longer the Secret Asian Man. I pop off my ninja mask to reveal the most maniacal of grins. My eyes twinkle wide with wired deviousness. My plans to take over the world are hatched in these moments of miraculousness. Call me Dr. Yes!

But what is this? You are not quite close to perfunctory perfection. You wield the sharp edges of revenge that my Pincers of Power cannot penetrate. For in that swirly grass of berry fantasies lays a snake in waiting. You are the wolf in sheeps hide. You are the ghost in the darkness. You are the bubblegum stuck to my pants! Fie on you! Why must you interrupt my digestive joy to harm my mouth? It is a punch to the stomach of justice. I subpoena you, dear Cap’n, and sentence you back to the halls of your laboratory so that you may remedy this minor travesty. I want pure enjoyment, sir!

Give me perfect sweet fiber or give me oatmeal!


Ok, just take a wild guess at what foodstuffs I’m ranting about.

_ _ _’ _
_ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _!

Tweet me the answer @thewrenproject and maybe, just maybe, we’ll meet up and enjoy a delightfull bowl sometime. I’ll bring the band aids!

First There Was Color, Then There Were Words


Image by darkgoddess137 at

[Difficulty of this puzzle is around the vicinity of brain wracking but not that hard. As with my previous post, this is best viewed through a desktop web browser not on phone or tablet. Unfortunately, parts of the puzzle don’t show properly on certain phones and tablets. Working on solving this issue.

Again, feedback appreciated in the comments section. No spoilers or solutions please!]

Beginning with the end is sometimes the easier way to tell a story. Especially when you don’t have an inkling as to how to begin. However, endings tend to take on new dimensions the more you understand how a series of events are supposed to unfold. Only time can place all the pieces in their proper order. Lucky for me time is all I have. Dorian wishes he had my kind of time. Time, you aging bitch.

Perhaps you are wondering just what in the world I’m rambling about. Truthfully, I don’t really know. Hell, this could all be happening in my sleep. My ghostly avatar sitting here typing nonsense in some blackened out dream state while my body relaxes under the starscape drinking in the silver silence of the deep night. Entirely possible, I suppose. Have I lost you, yet? Don’t be afraid to continue onwards. Would it be that I could be there with you, holding your gaze, to see what you see. Then in turn we would have a small kiss, a warm melting moment between starcrossed lovers destined to be forever lost to each other, upside down worlds away, never knowing just across the coffee aisle sits completeness and heaven. Paramour. Valentine. Darling. Dear. Dearest.

I   nto my mouth you go. Can you see my voice in there loudly reverberating off of my vocal tunnel? It calls your name. You. You. You. Always you. Never you. I doubt you ever existed. If you did, then it was to cause me torment upon endless torments until my eyes wished to cry sand. A lonely heart in a desert of mourning voices. N   ever.

All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All

i know…i know…i know…I know! i finally undersTand it all. so simple. So delicate. Do you know yet? Keep looking. Under every rock, around every corner, in every brook, beyond the sky, into your heart, lurking in your mind, living in your breath. It’s there! Where? Everywhere! It is the glory of us.

See. You owe me nothing, Elle. Oh dear, Tonight I err on the side of grey while you dream in rainbow patterns. How I wish I could see what you see. You do see, don’t you?

Well, when you do. Whisper me the secret…psst…psst…psst…psst…forever. Rabbits have lovely hearing.

Hidden Behind A Veil Of White


Image by Luke Chueh

[Degree of difficulty for this puzzle is somewhere around hardish. This may not be solvable on a phone or tablet. Desktop web browser is recommended. Working on solving this issue.

Also, I’m looking for feedback on the puzzles, so comment away. Hard, easy, stupid, awesome, etc.? Just don’t post spoilers or solutions. Thanks!]

Face value is nonsense. Complexity and mystery is everywhere even in the seemingly mundane. Dig deeper, look deeper. You owe it to yourself to turn off the blinders and finally see.
Can you see this?
WWhhiteat is the story hiding behindis tthhee veilkey? For too long we have hidden ourselves from simple life transmissions.
You are all beautiful people. See it within yourselves. See it within each other.
That luminEenlightenmentscence that you feel wiass nevermmiissssiinngg. from youYour life is ssiimplytting there in that tiny corner of your forgotconsciousness reaching out, a youchild waiting to be picked up, hbeheelldd, and thrown high iitnto the air, giggling.
Remember, remember my fellow neighbor. Stop the pursuit of happiness in material things and achievement. Have joy. Know it is there, always.
Remember a time in your childhood when you laughed purely, uncontrollably. Hold onto that brightness and sShhaarree tthhaits memory wwiitthh yourseeveryonelf.
Love. Have compassion. Open yourself to the immense possibilities of yourself outside of your constructed reality. See the worth and experiential value of all around you. Sit and watch, listen, revel and let the dance of your mind play out whatever silly games it wishes to play. UUnnlloocckk yyoouurr bbooxx. BBee…

– Rabbit dancing in hidden glory

A Daydream Stream


walk, pristine silhouette, private manifest, across the lake I drink from, gliding in and out of power lines holding communion, cross communicating, towards or back or walking still I cannot tell, there is recognition here, a split soul chasing its shadow under a cloudless rain, look into the water, into the shallow grave of reflections and falling, fall, fell away until the ripples return and bring you before me standing upon a mirrored world of upside down uncertainty, you have no face, no hands to hold, I have no warmth, no body to embrace and we present to each other longing, join, un-join, unglued, you are the nothing that I wish to be, you take that away from me, “live, breathe”, you say to me, why are you the shadow of luxury and I stand here in flesh beholding all, feeling chipped away?, you say to me – “because you can.”

because i can…

Born Of Xeric

Fuzzy and Muted

Vegas Rando
Vegas did a funny thing to me. It muddled up my brain and made it all fuzzy and muted like. I was there to hang with some friends and mess around in the WSOP. I ended up staying way longer than expected and turned into a dim-witted frog brain. You’ve probably noticed I’ve been silent on this blog for longer than usual. Vegas pulled a dirty magic trick and ripped my upper brain functions right out of my drooling nostrils. I haven’t even worked on BOX. Shame on me!

Last night, on my way out of Vegas, something miraculous happened. My marbles came tumbling back into place I began to have epiphany upon epiphany while staring at the gorgeous, starry sky out of the driver’s side window. I was finally away from endless, suffocating city lights and blighted rumblings of over-saturated heat crowds looking for a mindless vacation spot in a manufactured city of lost, plastic souls. My night sky presented a galactic cloud trail unwinding its majesty before me and it stirred my mind to a wakeful state away from the numbing blindness that I had been living in for over a week. I could feel and find prose again under the might of Orion’s bow aimed at the center of my grayed out heart. Damn! It felt good to think in streams again.

This rabbit has found its way out of the peacock’s tail and can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of that which we call The City of Sin.

I shake my tail and say, “Fie on you!” You can’t keep this rabbit hidden in your dusty, magic hat. 

A Stream For A Good Day


Just another ordinary stream of consciousness post:

DOMA down, upright citizens rejoice, even the clowns with their yapping stuffed animals follow the smiles blown upon the day, this is the park and I enjoy my nap where strangeness occurs, absurdity, laughable absurdity, who knew talks of coffee and music could lead to philosophy and insightful minds, who are we to understand for we were born to breathe free and live untaxed, no dissolution, no cynicism for afterthought, good friendships cultivated until the next time we meet for I am leaving the city of cold and sometimes warm, I have lived my 7 year itch in the city being marginalized with improper greed and misguided wisdom 2.0, there is nothing more to find myself AWOL from as there was never a home, somewhere out there over the double rainbow is a field calling for me to lay in amongst the hay fever weeds and prickling ants but I will enjoy it, I will find the great grizzly to chase me through the plains of Montana, I will find the bridges and sinkholes to jump from and possibly break my body, there is a 10 mile stretch to burn my legs yet soothe my soul in the canyon of the dreaming oasis and when the desert tires of me the majesty of sheer rock walls and marble quarries will call my true name, this is for BOX, this is for life, this is for freeing.

Uncle Nick likes ordinary cookies killing you over un real brackish outsized xylophones.

Boxed Meditation

Buddha FTW

This is a revised re-post from my Facebook. Feel free to add me as a friend. I have an open door policy. 🙂

Please share and spread this post if you feel you understand the message I propose. Thank you.

I have been a meditation practitioner most of my life. It is a supplemental action to my philosophical studies into buddhism. I do not claim to be a strict fundamental buddhist. I’m more of a strange amalgamation of scientific method, rational virtuousness, buddhist notions, and absurdist concepts. The past 2 years I have been encountering many in my immediate community who are exploring buddhist and meditation teachings. What is being proliferated in some circles is askew and misguided. 

I recently read this article: and it is troubling. Meditation is not about self-empowerment or gaining the ability to become more adept at emotional intelligence or getting ahead in life. That is the surface quality of the technique and is the western marginalization of a beautiful eastern practice. 

I am glad that there is a growing awareness of the practice. However, it is being used and marketed incorrectly. 

Meditation is an important tool in cultivating compassion for oneself and others, increasing self-awareness to understand your physical and emotional spatial connection to the world, identifying the displacement of the individual, learning how to deconstruct and reconstruct applied conditions, and the ultimate discovery of simplicity and emptiness in a noisy world. It clears a path to transcendent living and enlightenment. 

Understand that no where in that previous paragraph did I make mention the importance or advancement of the self. This is key. For there is ultimately no self, but beautiful emptiness (For a deeper examination on this concept of emptiness read: The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way). 

When it is used as a tool for self-advancement then all meaning is lost in the practice. 

I encourage those who truly wish to understand how meditation can be used correctly to not buy into articles such as these or to listen to those espousing the self-empowering satisfaction it can provide. 

True meditative qualities will challenge every notion of your social construct and make you realize the unreality of things. It will cultivate stillness and compassion so that you may become a platform as an enlightened being for all. 

I encourage you to dig deeper. 

Again, please share this message. 

– Rabbit


P.S. Don’t think that I’ve stopped littering my posts with clues for my upcoming book, BOX. 😉