A Daydream Stream


walk, pristine silhouette, private manifest, across the lake I drink from, gliding in and out of power lines holding communion, cross communicating, towards or back or walking still I cannot tell, there is recognition here, a split soul chasing its shadow under a cloudless rain, look into the water, into the shallow grave of reflections and falling, fall, fell away until the ripples return and bring you before me standing upon a mirrored world of upside down uncertainty, you have no face, no hands to hold, I have no warmth, no body to embrace and we present to each other longing, join, un-join, unglued, you are the nothing that I wish to be, you take that away from me, “live, breathe”, you say to me, why are you the shadow of luxury and I stand here in flesh beholding all, feeling chipped away?, you say to me – “because you can.”

because i can…

Born Of Xeric