First There Was Color, Then There Were Words


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[Difficulty of this puzzle is around the vicinity of brain wracking but not that hard. As with my previous post, this is best viewed through a desktop web browser not on phone or tablet. Unfortunately, parts of the puzzle don’t show properly on certain phones and tablets. Working on solving this issue.

Again, feedback appreciated in the comments section. No spoilers or solutions please!]

Beginning with the end is sometimes the easier way to tell a story. Especially when you don’t have an inkling as to how to begin. However, endings tend to take on new dimensions the more you understand how a series of events are supposed to unfold. Only time can place all the pieces in their proper order. Lucky for me time is all I have. Dorian wishes he had my kind of time. Time, you aging bitch.

Perhaps you are wondering just what in the world I’m rambling about. Truthfully, I don’t really know. Hell, this could all be happening in my sleep. My ghostly avatar sitting here typing nonsense in some blackened out dream state while my body relaxes under the starscape drinking in the silver silence of the deep night. Entirely possible, I suppose. Have I lost you, yet? Don’t be afraid to continue onwards. Would it be that I could be there with you, holding your gaze, to see what you see. Then in turn we would have a small kiss, a warm melting moment between starcrossed lovers destined to be forever lost to each other, upside down worlds away, never knowing just across the coffee aisle sits completeness and heaven. Paramour. Valentine. Darling. Dear. Dearest.

I   nto my mouth you go. Can you see my voice in there loudly reverberating off of my vocal tunnel? It calls your name. You. You. You. Always you. Never you. I doubt you ever existed. If you did, then it was to cause me torment upon endless torments until my eyes wished to cry sand. A lonely heart in a desert of mourning voices. N   ever.

All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All

i know…i know…i know…I know! i finally undersTand it all. so simple. So delicate. Do you know yet? Keep looking. Under every rock, around every corner, in every brook, beyond the sky, into your heart, lurking in your mind, living in your breath. It’s there! Where? Everywhere! It is the glory of us.

See. You owe me nothing, Elle. Oh dear, Tonight I err on the side of grey while you dream in rainbow patterns. How I wish I could see what you see. You do see, don’t you?

Well, when you do. Whisper me the secret…psst…psst…psst…psst…forever. Rabbits have lovely hearing.


Hidden Behind A Veil Of White


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[Degree of difficulty for this puzzle is somewhere around hardish. This may not be solvable on a phone or tablet. Desktop web browser is recommended. Working on solving this issue.

Also, I’m looking for feedback on the puzzles, so comment away. Hard, easy, stupid, awesome, etc.? Just don’t post spoilers or solutions. Thanks!]

Face value is nonsense. Complexity and mystery is everywhere even in the seemingly mundane. Dig deeper, look deeper. You owe it to yourself to turn off the blinders and finally see.
Can you see this?
WWhhiteat is the story hiding behindis tthhee veilkey? For too long we have hidden ourselves from simple life transmissions.
You are all beautiful people. See it within yourselves. See it within each other.
That luminEenlightenmentscence that you feel wiass nevermmiissssiinngg. from youYour life is ssiimplytting there in that tiny corner of your forgotconsciousness reaching out, a youchild waiting to be picked up, hbeheelldd, and thrown high iitnto the air, giggling.
Remember, remember my fellow neighbor. Stop the pursuit of happiness in material things and achievement. Have joy. Know it is there, always.
Remember a time in your childhood when you laughed purely, uncontrollably. Hold onto that brightness and sShhaarree tthhaits memory wwiitthh yourseeveryonelf.
Love. Have compassion. Open yourself to the immense possibilities of yourself outside of your constructed reality. See the worth and experiential value of all around you. Sit and watch, listen, revel and let the dance of your mind play out whatever silly games it wishes to play. UUnnlloocckk yyoouurr bbooxx. BBee…

– Rabbit dancing in hidden glory

A Daydream Stream


walk, pristine silhouette, private manifest, across the lake I drink from, gliding in and out of power lines holding communion, cross communicating, towards or back or walking still I cannot tell, there is recognition here, a split soul chasing its shadow under a cloudless rain, look into the water, into the shallow grave of reflections and falling, fall, fell away until the ripples return and bring you before me standing upon a mirrored world of upside down uncertainty, you have no face, no hands to hold, I have no warmth, no body to embrace and we present to each other longing, join, un-join, unglued, you are the nothing that I wish to be, you take that away from me, “live, breathe”, you say to me, why are you the shadow of luxury and I stand here in flesh beholding all, feeling chipped away?, you say to me – “because you can.”

because i can…

Born Of Xeric

Color and Sound


BOX has been a challenge to write as I weave multiple narratives together and interlace them with pieces of the various puzzles. In the meantime, I decided to break up the writing process and produce the first (or is it third?) clue ridden sneak peek at BOX. Even I was like, “huh?”, after watching this.