Final Thoughts On New York


New York In Stills

Here’s the last of my New York street life series. Rather melancholic, but that’s how I like things sometimes. The world isn’t all roses and laughter, but sometimes real and dirty. It’s good to see all sides and not become oblivious to one or the other.

– Real Rabbit

Twitter: @thewrenproject

Sky and Ground


Sunrise and Sunset in Brooklyn

Simple post today. Just getting to uploading photos from my recent NY trip. Enjoy the pics below (more to come) and please check out the time lapse vid I made of this gorgeous sunrise.

– Sunny Rabbit

Twitter: @thewrenproject

Sunrise Over the Brooklyn Bridge

I had to wake up at 4am to capture this. Totally worth it!

Sunset Over The East River

Since my sister lives in Brooklyn and sees this all the time, she was quite unimpressed. 🙂