Past Projects


Hey! Where did all my past projects go to?

Don’t fret, true believers. I haven’t forgotten how many of you began following me because of my past projects. I’ve decided to move them to make room for new adventures to share with you. You can still find them at my new archival blog: The Minimal Rabbit. There, you will find the following two projects from 2012 and 2013.

The 366 – In 2012, I started my first blog and ventured to post 366 posts about random people I meet, friends and family, myself and inner thoughts on life. The purpose was to show the world that everyone and everything hold worth and value and that there is no subjectivity to that. What is considered interesting is a matter of perspective and the more we open our perspectives, the more we see the world and all of its absurd wonders.

The One Block Project – In 2013, I started a short photography project to chronicle the beauty I find in any given one block radius that I’m standing in. The purpose was to show all the seemingly insignificant things we take for granted as we walk around as intrinsically interesting and wonderful if seen from a different perspective of a slow life and observation.

I hope you still enjoy these past projects and feel free to share to show some love.

– Historical Rabbit


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