In·ter·est·ing: Engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity…or…that which remains to be discovered within ourselves

I’m a curious fella. Not the “There’s something wrong with his head” kind of curious (though that’s not far off), but the “Why does he ask so many damn questions?” kind of curious. For as long as I can remember, I’ve questioned everything around me.  Back in the day, I remember asking my siblings “Why are we always swimming against the tide?” but then I realized we were spermlets, so it all made sense (TMI? Bad joke?). Everything has been subjected to my personal inquisition from something as trivial as the shape of a cup to useless metaphysical ponderings as to why the hell am I even thinking this rubbish. I’ve always pondered over the cause for my insatiable quest for knowledge…curiosity of my own curiosity. Perhaps it’s discontentment on my part to accept anything at face value or perhaps it is simply my role in the great scheme of the cosmos to rustle feathers and question the status quo…honestly, who the hell knows and really, who cares. I have a very high IDGF rating.

Well, it’s 2012, and once again I embark on another ambitious project. About 3 weeks prior to the New Year I had a random thought: Am I an interesting person or am I simply another iteration based upon a human template passed down through generations of humanity? I walked away from that with two thoughts: 1 – I really need to get over myself and 2 – I should explore this further and start a dialogue. The challenges of that dialogue:

1. What qualifies a person or situation as interesting?

2. Do our interests affect our views on standards of societal-worth? Does morality or ethical standards come into play?

3. How can we help each other realize the inherent societal-worth in each other?

Sooo…I’ve decided to embark on a thought experiment and find 366 people and situations in my life to profile and release into the wild. My parameters are simple:

1. I must maintain a morally ambiguous and objective approach. A saint and the despicable can hold equal interest.

2. I must hold myself to an open standard and be willing to listen to everyone’s story no matter how I feel about them.

3. For the sake of objectivity, there must be an equal or higher ratio of random people profiled vs friends and family. I will accept recommendations through friends and family for people I don’t know.

4. If someone I wish to be profiled wants to stay anonymous, then I must honor that.

5. There will not be a premium placed on celebrity.  Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you have higher societal worth.

6. Incremental updates are allowed for previous posts. Testing this rule out. (Update: Rule in place)

7. I will do my best to capture the essence of each person profiled with an emphasis on finding each person’s positive core. The tone of profile posts will match the tone of the conversation I had with the person.

8. I must be willing to hold myself up to the same standard of inquiry and questions that I pose to others. Most situations will stem from my daily life in an attempt to challenge myself to an open standard.

9. All “interviews” will be held as open dialogues. A person can ask me anything I ask them.

9. Try not to be too full of myself. Oh, this one’s going to be hard…

These parameters may evolve over the year, but it’s a good starting point. I don’t really know what I hope to accomplish. Perhaps nothing. Or perhaps we will find common interesting threads between each other and be inspired to be bold and inquisitive about the people that surround us.

In the spirit of openness and boldness, I welcome those who may wish to be profiled to email me at: Subject: I am not afraid to share!

Let 2012 be the year we make the word interesting count.

5 thoughts on “In·ter·est·ing: Engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiosity…or…that which remains to be discovered within ourselves

  1. Great share and a really cool personal project. I see that in general we some shared philosophies. You are always welcome to come visit me in my little corner of the blogosphere ( to share your thoughts and insights. Or just to say hello!


    • Thanks! Checked out your site. You have some great everyday insights. Let me know if you ever want to do a guest blog. I think you could provide some great material for this little blogject of mine 🙂


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