Freedom Challenged


I recently gave a talk on human trafficking and the concept of freedom in the modern age. The following is a truncated version of that talk:

The French philosopher, Albert Camus, once wrote, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

That is an epic statement. How many of us truly know what that statement means?

You cannot truly understand the freedom you have unless you have been tested or are willing to test yourself. And to test yourself is an experiment in picking worthwhile and meaningful fights. To disrupt. To do and build things that disrupt for the greater good. To be unafraid to test the very fabric of being and sometimes taking a stand against the status quo and saying, “No”, no matter the consequences. Sometimes you will stand alone in this, but hopefully others stand with you. And, yes. Sometimes this means looking yourself in the mirror and issuing a direct challenge to yourself. It’s not easy to do. Most shy away.

However, what I just described is, in fact, a luxury. To have the choice to challenge and test oneself is a luxury.

For those who are mired in modern day slavery through human trafficking, to fight for their very right to exist is not a luxury. Everyday, every aspect of their existence is constantly under siege by the ones who seek to exploit and enslave them. They wake every morning knowing that they face incredible suffering as a slave worker or sexual slave to the most despicable of people. They know that at any moment their bodies and minds will be pushed beyond the point of exhaustion. To the point of their spirits, minds, and bodies breaking. If any one of them were to give out on any given day and pass on from this mortal coil, there will be zero fanfare or acknowledgement that they ever existed. That they mattered. They will most likely be dumped into a ditch in some nondescript, lonely place and another will take their place. For those lucky enough to make it through each day and crawl exhausted into bed, they go to sleep knowing that only the same cycle of pain waits for them in the morning.

To give you a better idea of what this looks like. Imagine you are an 8 year old child. You have your entire future ahead of you. You don’t live in lavish luxury, but that doesn’t matter to you. You just want to play, go to school, do the things that kids do, and be loved by your family. One day a stranger shows up in a van and asks to speak with your father and mother. It is a very serious meeting and your parents look frightened. At the end of the meeting, the stranger hands over a stack of cash to your parents. He then approaches you, takes you firmly by the hand, and leads you away. You pass by your parents who say to you this stranger is now your family. They may be in tears or they may be ambivalent. You don’t know what is happening, but you do know one thing. This stranger is not your family.

From the moment the stranger takes you into his car, you are threatened with physical violence if you don’t behave and do what he says. He states that you are now his property and that you will do whatever it is he tells you to do. You may kick and scream or you may sit in frightened silence. Either way, you know your life is about to turn upside down. You are being trafficked into slavery.

You may end up in some strange land mining in dangerous conditions for the silicon minerals that make up our technological gadgets or you may end up slaving away in cocoa fields picking beans for the morning coffee that we drink or you may end up in a sweat shop somewhere sewing the fancy garments that we wear. You will never enjoy the things you help make. You will be told that you must work to pay off your master’s debt. He paid for you, so you must pay him back. You will earn only 10 to 25 cents per day and never see any of it for yourself or even be able to grasp that you will never actually be able to pay off your debt to your master. You will toil away with the hope that you will one day be freed if you work hard enough, that it is possible. It is not.

If you don’t end up a slave laborer somewhere, then you face a life of sexual servitude. You will be forced to have sex with total strangers. Sometimes as much as 30 times a day whether you are a boy or a girl. Your innocence completely lost to the ravages of human decrepitude.

This is your new life and you will most likely die between the ages of 15 – 18.

What I just described is the stark reality of children who are sold into slavery by families living in impoverished regions. Many are sold willingly by their families or outright abducted. Adults are equally at risk. When a person is faced with few economic choices they may find themselves coerced into slavery situations or they may become low level traffickers themselves out of desperation. And don’t think for one second that this is just a foreign issue. It is globally systemic and has reached the soil of every nation. These people fight for their very right to exist. And if they make it out the other side, they are the ones who’s very existence is an act of rebellion. They have been tested and survived.

Here in America, we enjoy many freedoms that we take for granted: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, among others. What we do with these freedoms will continually define us and determine if we truly become a free peoples. Do we overly concern ourselves with obtaining these personal freedoms at the expense of others? Do we end up using these freedoms that we take for granted to oppress others? Or do we insure that those around us are able to enjoy the same freedoms?

My personal conclusion is that the only true freedom is the ability to free others. By doing so, you confront your very own concepts of freedom and fight for the rights of everyone to exist freely. This fight will test your resolve in an unfree world.

There are many among you who consider yourselves peaceful healers and that is a wonderful thing. You facilitate the healing processes of the body and the mind. The concept of fighting is often times antithetical to your thinking. However, I ask, in an ironic way, to stop fighting that notion. Our bodies and minds are constantly under attack, be it by mental, spiritual, and social pressures or pathogens of the body. When we heal, we are fighting back. As healers, you facilitate this process of the body’s and mind’s ability to fight back. And in order to heal the world, you must become a fighter in your own respect. You must become the antibodies that society needs.

Do not just be concerned with healing what you see or feel before you. You must dig deeper into societies woes and demand healing justice for those who are invisible and do not have a voice. You must become healing warriors and fight for the right of all to exist freely. True healing is a journey in struggle. It is a test.

Of course, you are free to believe you don’t owe anyone anything. And that no one owes you anything. However, if we are to talk about creating a better and free world, a more compassionate and progressive world, then you and I owe everyone everything.

I don’t believe this sound unreasonable. Let us not save the world or change the world, but free the world. I ask that you all rise up to face this challenge for we are not yet all free. In this grand experiment in freedom, we must finish what we have begun.

Always fight on. Never settle. Live so that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

“Damned is the man who abandons himself.”
These words show that the worse the situation is,
never should a man consider it lost. – The Conditioned

– Rebel Rabbit

Love Ascending

Sunrise Over The Brooklyn Bridge And A Treatise On Love

I recently spent some time in New York City to attend my sister’s graduation from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Congrats, Sis!!!

I also took in the vibrancy, culture, and general environment conducive to artistic endeavors. On my final day, I woke up at 4AM to trek to the Brooklyn Bridge to watch the sunset. As I sat there and took in the splendor of the morning dawn, my thoughts turned to those who fight everyday for the freedom to enjoy these simplicities, the marginalized and downtrodden. Those in captivity serving uncouth masters as slaves of labor and sexual exploitation. As the sun rose above the Williamsburg Bridge and city skyline, I renewed my vow and dedication to correct the iniquities in the world, fight human trafficking, and end modern day slavery. All of us should be free to witness majestic sunrises like the one that I had the privilege to witness.

This video is dedicated to those who are hidden behind the veil of darkness fighting for personal freedom. It is my hopes that you also enjoy this sunrise and think of those who require our care and love and dedication to freedom.

– Ascending Rabbit

My treatise on love was first published here. 

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What Makes A Good Man?

good or bad me

Baring Myself For Judgement

This coming Sat I will be hosting a gathering of men to discuss What Makes A Good Man? Beforehand, I’m doing some internal work and baring myself open to comprehensive analysis in order to understand how I can be a better man. I don’t really know if I can be considered good or bad. I weigh myself on a neutral spectrum because I haven’t exactly lived an entirely righteous life. I’ve made colossal mistakes in the past that have hurt others and I work everyday to make amends and make sure to never commit the same mistakes moving forward. I find it important to remind myself of my past deeds, not out of any sense of guilt or shame, but as a reminder of who I was and who I need to be that is far from that previous person.

I also think of this question when it comes to my work on fighting human trafficking and ending modern day slavery. On the sexual exploitation and trafficking side, we men bear a heavy responsibility to correct this human stain. Much of the demand is driven by our gender species and we must make a tireless effort to educate our peers about this situation and find ways to solve the exploitation and oppression of the masses of girls and women (and boys/men) who have suffered under our watch. Human trafficking is not only relegated to sexual exploitation, but also labor exploitation. As men, we also bear the majority brunt of responsibility on the labor side because we are still the majority owners and executives in charge of businesses. We have the ability to force policy change at society’s structural levels and legislative levels of government.

Understand that I am not discounting women from this equation of power and responsibility. As a species we all must be held to higher standards in order to vanquish modern day slavery and other societal issues. However, we men must be willing to take a good hard look at ourselves and see the gender inequality and patriarchal system we have perpetuated upon the world and the problems that have arisen from that system. Let’s not be afraid to do so and open up the dialogue to explore how to be greater men.

I’m willing if you are. #BanishTheX of the human stain we have created.

– Male Rabbit

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In Life and Death…



What would I die for?

Love. That kind of love that asks us to drop all of our internal crying walls and truly know its healing essence. That kind of love that we should all open ourselves to before the inevitable end of our physical being turns our capability to love into ash. That kind of love that can transcend any regret we hold in our hearts over past deeds, freeing us. That kind of love we can pass into effortlessly and know that it is ok to embrace death, for we have known the living thrum of the world. Love.

What would I live for?

Love. That kind of love that shoots like a rocketing comet through the entirety of your being, transforming you into a giant that walks the world. That kind of love that is a mighty flame raised and passed forward unconditionally, freely. That kind of love that knows unilateral forgiveness and compassion for your fellow humans no matter the consequences. That kind of love that presents itself through the clear eyes of one who walks deeply in unison with its power, free from judgement, free from the self. That kind of love that gives you the freedom to free others. Love.

Live. Die. It is the same for me.

– Living and Dying Rabbit

Help me die for love. Help me live for love. Help me #FightHumanTrafficking #EndModernDaySlavery and #BanishTheX.

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Mend These Broken Hearts

[This is a companion post to Totality]

Time. Slavery. I’ve been deeply pondering these two things lately as I insert myself deeper into the fight to end human trafficking.  There is no more time. What if this was true? What if tomorrow this society as we know it would implode and crumble? When we look back on how we lived and what we cared about would we be satisfied with ourselves?

I don’t know.

I constantly ask myself and those around me: How can we congratulate ourselves on our technological progress and call ourselves an enlightened society if what we do is create more slaves and suffering beneath us? This is a hard question to confront yourself with because most of us fail to understand how we are all culpable and complicit in the perpetuation of this mode of exploited slavery of others. Many become queasy at the thought that their very lifestyles, their very modes of existence run contrary to building the best society we can. Our philosophies on how we live, how we eat, how we entertain ourselves, how we consume, how we speak of each other, how we perceive the world…everything is out of sync. The majority have given up true freedom to live an existence of mediocrity and self-congratulations. Freedom isn’t just free speech or free expression. Freedom is also having the will to free others and not achieve our own personal freedoms by enslaving others downwards in the system. Please do not mistake this as a bitter rant. It is simply a critical observation and acknowledgement of the current paradigm of our society. I do see great things being achieved, but it is not currently enough.

There are many forms of slavery. My own particular focus is on ending human trafficking and labor/sexual exploitation. When I tell people this, many say that it is a noble endeavor. Do you think this also? I wish for you to think about that. Is what I do truly noble? Or, perhaps, it is simply what must be done. If you have ever raised a child or had to take care of a loved one, is that act of care noble? Do you wake up every morning and say to yourself: Perhaps today I won’t take care of my child or the person I love? Or do you just get up and do it because it needs to be done? It is not a matter of being noble or ignoble. It is simply a matter of acknowledging what must be done no matter what. Defeating slavery and human trafficking is not noble. It needs to be done. And fighting the mere consensus of it being a noble act when talking to people makes it feel like a futile act.

It is exhausting.

I find that in this seemingly endless fight that I am no longer just attacking the systemic, global issue of slavery, but also the systemic, emotional slavery of our hearts. I find I must take up the additional fight of convincing those around me to understand and care. I must expend large amounts of energy simply helping to bring to the upper consciousness and awareness of others that human trafficking is not a small issue, but perhaps the largest human rights issue we have ever had to tackle on a planetary scale. It is right in our own backyards and if you think it isn’t then you live blind and small and in ignorance to the realities of the world. You are blind to your very own existence.

Is that too harsh? Or does it stir you up and make you think? Do you take this personally as an attack or are you able to work outside of a limited framework and see it as an opportunity to challenge your inner world and see in a new way? I hope for the latter. Some ask me to use a softer touch because it take people time to come around. I ask this final question. How long must we wait for you to feel ok to want to participate in ending human trafficking? Let me share an anecdote. A father has a son, but he is off trying to build a legacy and meaningful purpose. He tells his son, I will return when I have achieved the faculties and abilities to give you a good life. He goes off and returns many years later and says to his now grown son, I have returned and I am ready now to be a father to you. The son grew up without the guidance of a father and is broken inside. The father slowly comes to the realization that going off to build a legacy and find meaningful purpose was simply a luxury he took for granted. The most meaningful thing he could have ever achieved in his life was to stay and be a father to his son. This is the meaning of: There is no time to waste. Fight human trafficking and end modern day slavery now. There is no time to waste. I am doing my best not to waste any.

And when I finally have the luxury of taking my final breath, I wish to be able to smile and see those fractured, enslaved hearts around me mended. Free at last.

– Complete Rabbit

10 Sad Dogs Worried About Human Trafficking

sad dog

Let’s Make Some Dogs Happy


Last week, the Emporer of Catkind and his 10 cat generals issued a decree to care about ending human trafficking. Now the concerned Dog Nation has responded in like kind. They are greatly worried about their human enslaved partners and wish to convey their sadness over the issue of modern day slavery. I shall let the Delegation of 10 speak now.

sad dog 9

1 – The delegate from Sofa Mope wishes to convey her disappointment that we humans allow nearly 5.5 million children to be trafficked per year. She would never do this to her litter of puppies.

sad dog 10

2 – The Huskie delegate really wishes that the 21 million people being trafficked into modern day slavery per year could enjoy the simple pleasures, like petting him.

sad dog 8

3 – The Great Googlymoogly delegate simply cannot believe that human trafficking is a nearly $150 billion per year illegal trade! He needs another set of astonished eyes.

sad dog 7

4 – The Big Trouble Little Doggie delegate simply wants you to know that, yes, there is a way that you can help end modern day slavery and fight human trafficking. In fact, there are 20 ways. 

sad dog 5

5 – The Pug delegate hopes that you will become a more conscious consumer and ask your local merchants if all their products are trafficking free certified. Find out what your slavery footprint is.

sad dog 6

6 – The No Dog Left Behind delegate hopes that if you are being trafficked or suspect someone of being trafficked that you call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

sad dog 4

7 –  The Despondent Puppy delegate asks that all parents teach children early on about sex education and how porn influences our views on sexual exploitation. 

sad dog 3

8 – The Baby in the Corner delegate just really wants you to be aware that human trafficking happens everywhere, not just in the poorest parts of the world. It is most likely happening in your very city.

sad dog 2

9 – The Sad Eyes delegate hopes that you will write to your senators and put pressure on them to fix and pass H.R. 181, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act. 

sad dog 1

10 – The Just Really Bummed delegate truly appreciates you learning about this horrible issue and hopes that you will spread awareness of human trafficking and modern day slavery to your friends and family. Together he believes we humans can make a better world worth living in.

Thank you honorable delegates for taking the time to speak to us about this caustic human rights issue. As a reward, my hands are prepped for awesome tummy rubs!

– The Rabbit and the Hound

10 Cats Who Think You Should Care About Human Trafficking

emporer cat

10 Serious Cats You Should Listen To

I ponder quite a bit about why we should all think and care about the issue of human trafficking and what we can do to help solve it. I’m not alone in this. I was recently approached by the Emporer of Catkind and he expressed concern that not enough of us care about this globally systemic issue. He has issued an edict for us to care. Otherwise, the following generals of the Schmiao Army will unleash their claws of eternal pain on us. I present to you their message to us. We should listen.

box cat

1 – General Boxez is not happy that it must rise from his comfortable slumber in his square lair to make sure you are thinking about the fact that human trafficking generates at a minimum $30 Billion per year as the 2nd most prolific illegal global trade.

sad kitten

2 – General Kittenz is sad that you have not paid attention to the 300,000 children who are at risk of being trafficked in the US alone. 

needz cat

3 – General MEOW is concerned that you not hearing his lesson on how human trafficking is not a phenomenon limited to Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. It is happening in the very US cities that you live in. 

judge cat

4 – General Unimprezzed is judging your complacency on learning about 20 things you can do about human trafficking.

squint kitten

5 – General Cutez is not amused that you do not know that in 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation eradicating slavery, yet more than one million people are enslaved in the U.S. today.

MF  cat

6 – General MF Doomz really feels that you think the fact that 76% of transactions for sex with underage girls are conducted via the internet is just a motherfucking game.

kitten 1

7 – General Aztonished also can’t believe that you don’t care that approximately 80 per cent of trafficked victims are women and girls, and up to 50% are minors.

mom and kitten

8 – General Mommyz wishes that we humans would help the 55% of the girls living on the streets that are engaged in sexual slavery.

interspecies cat

9 – General Open Armz seeks to encourage you to become more aware that 600,000-800,000 men, women and children are trafficked across international borders each year.

bliss kittens

10 – General Cuddlez knows that if we all started thinking more about how we can get involved in ending human trafficking and modern day slavery then we can all spend more time united in cuddles.

Let us hope that we all pay heed to the message of the Schmiao Army and do our best to fight human trafficking. Otherwise, I shudder to think of the consequences. I personally would not like to has cheezeburger everyday.

– I Can Has Rabbit

Human Trafficking – A Love Story

Once I had a dream,

A Story About A Boy Who Loved A Girl And The Girl Who Didn’t Love Him Back

Look at you there, sitting coy and wistful. You play and twirl with one hand your pretty curlicues as they drift in the open morning breeze that wafts in through your shabby, single room window. The other hand is having its nails nibbled on nervously by your trembling mouth. Why are you nervous? Is it the anticipation of my touch on your young thigh or the look of intention on my face? I intimidate you, I know. There is a lustful power between us and you fear being swallowed by the power of my appetite. Please don’t fret. I promise to be gentle and take you softly and slowly. All I ask is for you to submit to my love for you.

He is a beast and I am his unwilling consort. Must I act the supplicant toy and invite his lust into me? My youth is lost on this bed unfit for innocent dreaming. I stifle the cry and wails that seek to rise from my young, anguished soul. If I disobey and scream, my masters will flay me down to the bone and pump my veins with the dragon force that makes all that feed upon it acquiesce into turmoil. Best to open up to the beast and let him ravage me. Perhaps, it will be quick and painless.

There you go. Nice girl. You know the things I want you to do for me. Open up your soft love to me and I will relish in its enticing warmth. My love is swarming and it is all for you. You. The one who makes my loving sex rise to new heights. Only you could do this for me and I wish to reward you for your masterful seduction play. You truly are a baby doll of exquisite form and I will caress your precious and budding suppleness. It is all for me.

His hands are calloused. They are rough, scabrous claws tearing at my skin. He presses me down until my lungs are crushed and I am gasping for air. Sweat and drool drip like a torrent from his sickly, pulsating form above me. Every crash is a new agony stretching me further. I know he will feast on every inch of me before the night is done, but he will not have me completely. I will lock myself away deep within and throw away the key. And in the morning, I will plot my escape from this cruel world. Maybe it will be a razor run vertically down my skinny arms or I will petition my stomach to starve myself into oblivion or perhaps I can only hope that the dragon consumes me outright and leaves my mind an empty husk. At least then, I will not feel anymore.

Do you feel that my little darling? That is all of my love flooding into you. It is my sweetness that you will forever remember me by for I may not return the next day, but I will return eventually to have you share in my endless desire and love for you. You cry from ecstasy and I am glad that I could give you a moment of paradise. Now I am tired and must rest.

The beast has finished his ghastly feasting and I am gone with eyes blankly staring at the dingy, cracked ceiling above me. He pulls himself off of me and collapses in an obese heap next to me with a satisfied grin. I can smell his stink and its acrid fumes make my eyes tear up. But I will not cry. I will not weep and give him further satisfaction. I will turn my back to him and curl up into myself and try to remember a time when I had the future laid before me all bright and shiny. Perhaps if I close my eyes long enough that dream will come. Perhaps when I open my eyes again that dream will remain.

Thank you, my pretty little dove. I love you.

I hate you. Please take me away from all of this.

– Heartbroken Rabbit


I Want To Be A Political Lobbyist In North Carolina

NC Postcard

Lobbying Groups FTW!

I recently learned that the great state of North Carolina has made it legal for lobbyists to purchase sex workers for politicians. Woohoo! I’m jumping in my car right now to make the long road trip to the greatest state ever, so that I can aspire to be a rich lobbyist and partake in copious amounts of sexual favors. Thank you North Carolina State Ethics Committee for making this ruling in favor of awesomeness and unaccountability. Your determination that sex has no value and that sex between a lobbyist and politician is nothing to report or in any way questionable means that a major loophole has opened up for lobbying firms. Now lobbying firms can hire people with the explicit goal to seduce and fornicate with politicians in order to garner favor. Yes!

I mean, it was just terrible when I had to hide my unscrupulous ethics in the ol’ shame closet. Now I can just hire sexual services, and I don’t ever need to register! I don’t even need to look into the background of these sex workers. I mean, who really wants to know that most sex workers are either currently, or have at one point been illegal trafficked sex slaves? This really is like being able to taste all the colors of the rainbow, if rainbows tasted like fruity, edible lube.

I even love the long-term implications of this forever party in my pants. Let’s say a politician does partake, yet the person who paid for the night of temptation was a less than honest broker. A few hidden cameras, some veiled threat that did not cross the line into blackmail territory, a night of infidelity could put a politician into a less honorable group’s pocket without major cost, and all now rendered perfectly legal by the Ethics Committee of North Carolina. I think I just jizzed in my pants a little. So much happy!

Lobbying is such a great practice for the republic and it should never end or be regulated. When our founders agreed that the people have the right to redress grievances and to petition the government, I bet they totally meant corporations or trade groups being granted superior access to the people themselves. Money is the greatest form of speech ever!

You gotta love this country. God bless the United States of America!

– From The Rabbit Lobby

P.S. Fuck you North Carolina – The Real Rabbit

Ten Reasons Why You Should NOT Care About Human Trafficking

less care more happy

Human Trafficking? Who Cares?

Isn’t ignorance bliss? Who wants to go through life cultivating compassion for one another when we can pursue blissful happiness and material wealth at the expense of others? I mean, caring about others just isn’t fun and it’s soooo tedious and boring. In the spirit of not giving a shit about your fellow mench, here is my top ten reasons why you shouldn’t care about human trafficking and modern day slavery:

10 –  There are just so many problems in the world to think about already. Who wants one more issue to care about? A $30 – 90 Billion a year industry where children and adults are sold as slaves for labor and sex is just too much to process. I mean, who cares if it’s the 2nd largest global, illegal trade in the world, right?

9 – It’s not happening in my backyard, so let someone else deal with it. It’s not like it happens here in the cities of the good ol’ US of A. Isn’t this just some issue that happens in eastern Europe or southeast Asia? How do we even know that the US contributes at least 9 Billion a year to the illegal human trafficking trade? I just can’t believe it.

8 – I already have my own children to raise. Let others deal with the runaways and trafficked children who are forced to have sex at least 20 – 50 times a day. It’s not like my kids will ever think about running away from home.

7 – I just can’t believe it’s happening everywhere without evidence. If it’s really such an issue, how come victims aren’t speaking out more about it? I mean, they should show the courage to speak up despite victims or their family constantly issued with death threats by traffickers. It’s their fault for not sticking up for themselves, right?

6 – It’s just not fun to buy things if I know they come from slave labor. I don’t want to put on a t-shirt knowing that the person who made it only makes $.20 – $.30 cents per day or that the silicone material that my phone’s chips are made from were mined by an 8 year old child. That just depresses me and I just want to be happy.

5 – It just takes too much effort to educate myself about human trafficking. I can just turn my head to ignore the problem and put money in the pockets of the traffickers. All they ask us to do is do nothing, to look away, or pretend it isn’t happening. 

4 – It’s not like human trafficking affects me directly. Don’t get me wrong. I feel bad for the victims, but it’s not like human trafficking is a burden on the economy or that it costs more to rehabilitate victims than to put in place prevention programs.

3 – I’m a proud American and I just don’t have time to care about the issues of foreigners. How many Americans could really be victims of human trafficking? It’s not like there are upwards of 300,000 American youths at risk of sexual exploitation any given year. 

2 – We’re a free country and slavery just doesn’t exist here anymore. I just want to put our history of slavery behind us. What’s all this talk about not really having freedom until we educate ourselves and become aware of modern day slavery? Seriously, kids as young as 6 forced into labor and sexual slavery? That’s ludicrous!

1 – I just want to be able to pursue my happiness. Please leave me alone with all this talk of modern day slavery and human trafficking. It makes me soooo unhappy knowing that while I enjoy the comforts that I have earned, there are at least 2.4 million people being trafficked and that 80% are trafficked for sexual exploitation. C’mon. Shouldn’t that number be way higher to seem plausible? It’s not my fault data is so hard to come buy because it’s such a clandestine industry run by savvy criminals.

So, there you go folks. Those are my top ten reasons why you just shouldn’t give a fuck about human trafficking and modern day slavery. It’s too much to think about. Just let me be in my bliss and leave me alone. Geez.

– Ignorant Rabbit