What Makes A Good Man?

good or bad me

Baring Myself For Judgement

This coming Sat I will be hosting a gathering of men to discuss What Makes A Good Man? Beforehand, I’m doing some internal work and baring myself open to comprehensive analysis in order to understand how I can be a better man. I don’t really know if I can be considered good or bad. I weigh myself on a neutral spectrum because I haven’t exactly lived an entirely righteous life. I’ve made colossal mistakes in the past that have hurt others and I work everyday to make amends and make sure to never commit the same mistakes moving forward. I find it important to remind myself of my past deeds, not out of any sense of guilt or shame, but as a reminder of who I was and who I need to be that is far from that previous person.

I also think of this question when it comes to my work on fighting human trafficking and ending modern day slavery. On the sexual exploitation and trafficking side, we men bear a heavy responsibility to correct this human stain. Much of the demand is driven by our gender species and we must make a tireless effort to educate our peers about this situation and find ways to solve the exploitation and oppression of the masses of girls and women (and boys/men) who have suffered under our watch. Human trafficking is not only relegated to sexual exploitation, but also labor exploitation. As men, we also bear the majority brunt of responsibility on the labor side because we are still the majority owners and executives in charge of businesses. We have the ability to force policy change at society’s structural levels and legislative levels of government.

Understand that I am not discounting women from this equation of power and responsibility. As a species we all must be held to higher standards in order to vanquish modern day slavery and other societal issues. However, we men must be willing to take a good hard look at ourselves and see the gender inequality and patriarchal system we have perpetuated upon the world and the problems that have arisen from that system. Let’s not be afraid to do so and open up the dialogue to explore how to be greater men.

I’m willing if you are. #BanishTheX of the human stain we have created.

– Male Rabbit

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