10 Reasons Humanity Is Doomed, Number 7 Will Blow Your Mind

click bait


That was deceptive, I know. However, isn’t this the way of the world now? Our mental bandwidth is so stretched and inundated with noise that we, as writers, have had to resort to click baity titles to grab your attention. Not only that, but we have to limit our posts to 500 words or less in a tightly configured matrix. Forget about using the vast depth of our vocabulary. Who wants to break out a dictionary when reading a casual blog post? Anyways, big words are intimidating. They make us feel inferior for not knowing what they mean. Let’s just make everything amazing (or amazeballs), awesome, or mind blowing!

It’s even easier with listicles. Just post up some pics of dogs or cats (or awful people doing awful things) and give it some catchy subtext related to the post title. Thanks, Buzzfeed! The subject could even be about something as heady as quantum entanglement, but remember, I Fucking Love Science! Oh, and don’t forget that a blog post these days can even mean just putting up a video with two to three lines of description. The video can even tug at our heartstrings while directing us towards Thai Life Insurance. Upworthy anyone? It really doesn’t get any easier than that, folks.

All of these practices make me question why I’m a writer. I strive to create quality content and spend a great deal of time researching what I write about. Even the most random stream of consciousness posts are provided as a personal insight into the fun that can be had with free flow writing. My work in the human trafficking section of this site is where I dedicate the most important energy these days, but I have found that my most popular posts are the ones where I have to resort to these click baity tactics in order to spread awareness. Is this acceptable? On the one hand, yes, if I can get people to learn about the travesty of human trafficking and modern day slavery. On the other hand, no, because it is an insult, not only to me as a writer, but to the reader by pandering to the lowest common intelligence denominator. We have slowly moved into a steady state of pop everything…writing, music, art…

*sigh* It is the way of things and we either adapt or get lost in the noise. I will strive to adapt, but I will not sacrifice content. Ever. I will always remain an honest and true writer, remaining obstreperous (big word alert!) against the tide of rising, deceptive marketing ploys.

Done and done. Under 500 words. Did I get you to read this?

– Baited Rabbit

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