10 Sad Dogs Worried About Human Trafficking

sad dog

Let’s Make Some Dogs Happy


Last week, the Emporer of Catkind and his 10 cat generals issued a decree to care about ending human trafficking. Now the concerned Dog Nation has responded in like kind. They are greatly worried about their human enslaved partners and wish to convey their sadness over the issue of modern day slavery. I shall let the Delegation of 10 speak now.

sad dog 9

1 – The delegate from Sofa Mope wishes to convey her disappointment that we humans allow nearly 5.5 million children to be trafficked per year. She would never do this to her litter of puppies.

sad dog 10

2 – The Huskie delegate really wishes that the 21 million people being trafficked into modern day slavery per year could enjoy the simple pleasures, like petting him.

sad dog 8

3 – The Great Googlymoogly delegate simply cannot believe that human trafficking is a nearly $150 billion per year illegal trade! He needs another set of astonished eyes.

sad dog 7

4 – The Big Trouble Little Doggie delegate simply wants you to know that, yes, there is a way that you can help end modern day slavery and fight human trafficking. In fact, there are 20 ways. 

sad dog 5

5 – The Pug delegate hopes that you will become a more conscious consumer and ask your local merchants if all their products are trafficking free certified. Find out what your slavery footprint is.

sad dog 6

6 – The No Dog Left Behind delegate hopes that if you are being trafficked or suspect someone of being trafficked that you call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

sad dog 4

7 –  The Despondent Puppy delegate asks that all parents teach children early on about sex education and how porn influences our views on sexual exploitation. 

sad dog 3

8 – The Baby in the Corner delegate just really wants you to be aware that human trafficking happens everywhere, not just in the poorest parts of the world. It is most likely happening in your very city.

sad dog 2

9 – The Sad Eyes delegate hopes that you will write to your senators and put pressure on them to fix and pass H.R. 181, the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act. 

sad dog 1

10 – The Just Really Bummed delegate truly appreciates you learning about this horrible issue and hopes that you will spread awareness of human trafficking and modern day slavery to your friends and family. Together he believes we humans can make a better world worth living in.

Thank you honorable delegates for taking the time to speak to us about this caustic human rights issue. As a reward, my hands are prepped for awesome tummy rubs!

– The Rabbit and the Hound


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