10 Cats Who Think You Should Care About Human Trafficking

emporer cat

10 Serious Cats You Should Listen To

I ponder quite a bit about why we should all think and care about the issue of human trafficking and what we can do to help solve it. I’m not alone in this. I was recently approached by the Emporer of Catkind and he expressed concern that not enough of us care about this globally systemic issue. He has issued an edict for us to care. Otherwise, the following generals of the Schmiao Army will unleash their claws of eternal pain on us. I present to you their message to us. We should listen.

box cat

1 – General Boxez is not happy that it must rise from his comfortable slumber in his square lair to make sure you are thinking about the fact that human trafficking generates at a minimum $30 Billion per year as the 2nd most prolific illegal global trade.

sad kitten

2 – General Kittenz is sad that you have not paid attention to the 300,000 children who are at risk of being trafficked in the US alone. 

needz cat

3 – General MEOW is concerned that you not hearing his lesson on how human trafficking is not a phenomenon limited to Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. It is happening in the very US cities that you live in. 

judge cat

4 – General Unimprezzed is judging your complacency on learning about 20 things you can do about human trafficking.

squint kitten

5 – General Cutez is not amused that you do not know that in 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation eradicating slavery, yet more than one million people are enslaved in the U.S. today.

MF  cat

6 – General MF Doomz really feels that you think the fact that 76% of transactions for sex with underage girls are conducted via the internet is just a motherfucking game.

kitten 1

7 – General Aztonished also can’t believe that you don’t care that approximately 80 per cent of trafficked victims are women and girls, and up to 50% are minors.

mom and kitten

8 – General Mommyz wishes that we humans would help the 55% of the girls living on the streets that are engaged in sexual slavery.

interspecies cat

9 – General Open Armz seeks to encourage you to become more aware that 600,000-800,000 men, women and children are trafficked across international borders each year.

bliss kittens

10 – General Cuddlez knows that if we all started thinking more about how we can get involved in ending human trafficking and modern day slavery then we can all spend more time united in cuddles.

Let us hope that we all pay heed to the message of the Schmiao Army and do our best to fight human trafficking. Otherwise, I shudder to think of the consequences. I personally would not like to has cheezeburger everyday.

– I Can Has Rabbit


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