Ten Reasons Why You Should NOT Care About Human Trafficking

less care more happy

Human Trafficking? Who Cares?

Isn’t ignorance bliss? Who wants to go through life cultivating compassion for one another when we can pursue blissful happiness and material wealth at the expense of others? I mean, caring about others just isn’t fun and it’s soooo tedious and boring. In the spirit of not giving a shit about your fellow mench, here is my top ten reasons why you shouldn’t care about human trafficking and modern day slavery:

10 –  There are just so many problems in the world to think about already. Who wants one more issue to care about? A $30 – 90 Billion a year industry where children and adults are sold as slaves for labor and sex is just too much to process. I mean, who cares if it’s the 2nd largest global, illegal trade in the world, right?

9 – It’s not happening in my backyard, so let someone else deal with it. It’s not like it happens here in the cities of the good ol’ US of A. Isn’t this just some issue that happens in eastern Europe or southeast Asia? How do we even know that the US contributes at least 9 Billion a year to the illegal human trafficking trade? I just can’t believe it.

8 – I already have my own children to raise. Let others deal with the runaways and trafficked children who are forced to have sex at least 20 – 50 times a day. It’s not like my kids will ever think about running away from home.

7 – I just can’t believe it’s happening everywhere without evidence. If it’s really such an issue, how come victims aren’t speaking out more about it? I mean, they should show the courage to speak up despite victims or their family constantly issued with death threats by traffickers. It’s their fault for not sticking up for themselves, right?

6 – It’s just not fun to buy things if I know they come from slave labor. I don’t want to put on a t-shirt knowing that the person who made it only makes $.20 – $.30 cents per day or that the silicone material that my phone’s chips are made from were mined by an 8 year old child. That just depresses me and I just want to be happy.

5 – It just takes too much effort to educate myself about human trafficking. I can just turn my head to ignore the problem and put money in the pockets of the traffickers. All they ask us to do is do nothing, to look away, or pretend it isn’t happening. 

4 – It’s not like human trafficking affects me directly. Don’t get me wrong. I feel bad for the victims, but it’s not like human trafficking is a burden on the economy or that it costs more to rehabilitate victims than to put in place prevention programs.

3 – I’m a proud American and I just don’t have time to care about the issues of foreigners. How many Americans could really be victims of human trafficking? It’s not like there are upwards of 300,000 American youths at risk of sexual exploitation any given year. 

2 – We’re a free country and slavery just doesn’t exist here anymore. I just want to put our history of slavery behind us. What’s all this talk about not really having freedom until we educate ourselves and become aware of modern day slavery? Seriously, kids as young as 6 forced into labor and sexual slavery? That’s ludicrous!

1 – I just want to be able to pursue my happiness. Please leave me alone with all this talk of modern day slavery and human trafficking. It makes me soooo unhappy knowing that while I enjoy the comforts that I have earned, there are at least 2.4 million people being trafficked and that 80% are trafficked for sexual exploitation. C’mon. Shouldn’t that number be way higher to seem plausible? It’s not my fault data is so hard to come buy because it’s such a clandestine industry run by savvy criminals.

So, there you go folks. Those are my top ten reasons why you just shouldn’t give a fuck about human trafficking and modern day slavery. It’s too much to think about. Just let me be in my bliss and leave me alone. Geez.

– Ignorant Rabbit


5 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why You Should NOT Care About Human Trafficking

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    • Not exactly sure what you’re trying to say. My daily job is to solve human trafficking issues.

      The question I’d like to ask you is: Did you learn anything about human trafficking from my article?


      • I know you were trying to be sarcastic and to let people know why they should care, but this isn’t the way to do it. I honestly would never like you because of the audacity you have to post something like this. If you are really trying to solve the issues of sex trafficking, then you should know better than to post something like this because some victims might find this and think that this is how people feel and not want to seek help.


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