Defeat The Noise



I have an opinion. You have an opinion. I push my opinion out into the world. You push yours out, also. Our opinions collide and we debate in order to defeat each other’s opinions. The commenters watch in amusement, but then suddenly they feel the pull and allure of the comment box. What original opinion can I espouse that sounds halfway intelligent and clever? What angry thought can I push out in to the world so people will hear me, too? How can I play devil’s advocate to an opinion piece I don’t really have a stake in? How can I disrupt the flow of reason and troll like a 12 year old teenager masturbating in the dark?

I will research this opinion and pull articles in favor of it and post to my hearts content and when others wish to spill their noise upon my comment thread I will defend so staunchly and stubbornly just to prove that I am always right and then I will sit back and watch as people react to my profound thoughts that I have pushed into the world. I will watch the likes come in and the agreements flow like a river from my personal choir. I will watch the detractors seek to push their opinions upon me, but I know they are all wrong. I know! Because their noise is useless drivel and they haven’t thought about my subject as much as I have. Only I know the depths of what I am talking about. How could anyone else understand? No one is like me.

But then I will see someone present an argument that gains steam ahead of me. Their argument will also be irrefutable and their choir will be just as strong. I won’t allow it. I will react with insecurity in order to prove I am the better debater. No one shall mock me or diminish my opinion. I came first. I am original. Do you see? There are so many articles and studies that prove that I am right. That is where I got my information in the first place. I didn’t need to formulate my own thoughts on the subject because so many people before me have said the same thing over and over so it must be true. It must! I don’t have time to think freely and say things that come from me. I can only offer my opinion on other things that I have read. This article says this and this is why I agree. That article says that and that is why I agree. This article says this and this is why I disagree. That article says that and that is why I disagree.

I like my noise and you should like it, too. Click.

– Noiseless Rabbit


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