Wonder and Wander


Do You Wander?

I have been back in the San Francisco Bay Area for about 3 months now, but my recent road trip adventure stills plays on repeat in my mind. I witnessed endless plains of unmarked beauty, played around in Nebraska/Iowa/Chicago/Amish country, hung around cliffside lakes and waterfalls, learned that Missouri is for the birds, got an education in Kansas, explored a red clay wonderland, and woke up to a glorious morning on lonely salt flats. I even made the ultimate detour and ended up bringing my goofiness to Danish country where I met some fantastic new friends, experienced the tranquility of the countryside, visited a free town, and experienced an airport refugee camp on my return trip. That was quite an excursion and I still didn’t see everything I wanted to.

Now that I’m back, I’m hunkering down and finishing my book, BOX. The road trip helped fuel the creative juices as I was in a period of stagnation and inertia being stuck in San Francisco. I’m very close to finishing a pre-edit draft of the book by month’s end. Hopefully, it will be ready to show to the world in early 2015 as I work on prepping it for final edit and publishing. Don’t forget to sign-up for the mailing list. Exclusive clues to solving BOX will only be available to subscribers.

Next year, will be an interesting year for me as I wind down this project and look to ramp up others. I’m even thinking of doing something out of character for myself…actually celebrate my birthday. I’ll be turning 40 and I want to treat myself to the great Golden Eagle hunt of the tribes of Krgyzstan. I figure I’m not getting any physically younger (I’m still mentally 15) and should take the opportunity to see some more remote parts of the world before my body decides it doesn’t want to play nice anymore. Even if that happens, I will always be a wanderer and I encourage all of you to be the same. The wonders of the world are all out there waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Wander and wonder forevermore.

– Just Rabbit Today



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