In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

That’s No Moon…

My road trip lasted nearly 5 months. Driving out east during the spring and summer was a completely different journey compared to driving back west in the fall. It was like driving through two different worlds, two galaxies far away from each other. I’ll admit the summer route was no picnic. I’m not a big fan of heat and, damn!, was it hot out in the midwest. There was the occasional thunder and lightning storm to soothe the sweltering sweat land, but those didn’t happen enough in my opinion. One of my favorite moments was sitting in a parking lot in St. Charles, Missouri and watching a furious lightning storm break all around me. It was massive. It was loud. It was glorious. Unfortunately, I was so in awe that it didn’t occur to me to capture any decent footage of the carnage. Moments like those are forever seared into the brainspace. Fortunately, the summer months don’t last too long out there in the wee wilds and fall was right around the corner. By the time I got back from Denmark, it was time to head back to good ol’ Cali (in case you’re going, “Huh, Denmark?”, I took a short detour to Denmark at one point).

The fall drive was absolutely mesmerizing and gorgeous. Every day brought new color changes in the surrounding foliage and forests. Even the textures of the mountainsides shifted depending on the moisture in the air. It was the drive that I had been seeking. Not to say the summer drive wasn’t spectacular in its own right, but…damn heat! Anyways, as I closed in on the borders of my home (?) state, I happened upon Deeth Starr Valley in Nevada. I drove past the sign, did a cranial double take, stopped the car and drove back to look at the sign and make sure I had seen that right. Yep. I saw right. The sign was even pointing upwards. Had I warped into some bizarro space-faring world? I was half expecting to see a Jawa sandcrawler in the distance. If you squint, you can just make out where they’re building the 3rd Death Star. I think they need another espionage master because misspelling the name of the most gigantic weapon known to man isn’t exactly misleading anyone. So, I guess our galaxies aren’t too far away from each other after all. Stay tuned for my Utah trip post…

– Red Rabbit Standing By

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