Just Hanging Around

Basking in Hydro Glory

Basking in Hydro Glory

That Time I Just Hung Around

I left the flatness of the mid-west and headed into the peaks of Colorado. After a brief night stop in Denver, I decided I needed to get my hike on. I greatly enjoyed driving through the endless plains of Kansas, but I really needed an elevated challenge to get the heart rate up. I should have been careful in what I asked for.

Colorado is well known for its plethora of hiking trails and national parks. I decided to stay on my route and hit Hanging Lake along the way into Utah. Hanging Lake is a gorgeous cliffside lake hidden in the mountains along Interstate 70. To get there, you have to take a vertical 1 mile hike. This isn’t your casual multi-switchback hike. It’s a tough uphill battle from the get go. I had spent several weeks in flatland and my hiking legs weren’t exactly trained for the hike, but I pummeled through it anyways. I paid the physical consequences: altitude migraine and slight dehydration, but it was all worth it for the breathtaking view of the lake and its mossy falls. It was also good to shock my body out of complacency and feel the rapid blood course through my body, reminding me of life’s good graces and lift the shadow of lethargy from my heart.

Hanging Lake is also where I decided to toy around with my first time lapse video. Not perfect, but enjoy.

– Alive Rabbit

Hanging Lake

That Gorgeous and Terrible Hike



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