Just Love Everybody Already, Seriously


God Loves Gays

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I apologize. I’ve been battling a medical issue, but now I’m back to my bad ass self. Soooooo…to get back on track, let me get back to the rest of my road trip home after I returned from Denmark.

After the debacle at O’Hare Airport, I returned to Kansas City and decided my next stop would be Topeka, KS to visit a humorous little trifle, the Gods Loves Gays billboard that I helped support. The way I got involved in this project is pretty random. There is this pretty important dude, let’s call him Facebook God, who runs this pretty important satire Facebook page, GOD, with over 1.8 million followers. I’ve been a long time follower of his page because, though it’s a satire page aimed at revealing the ridiculous hypocrisy behind fanatical religious behavior, it has also become a compassionate haven where people go to support each other in their times of need. Therein lies the irony of the page. The most satirical religious site on the internet is also one of the most compassionate sites that exist. Go figure. Well, one day I was getting my daily dose of ‘God’ when I noticed that he was posting about shutting down the site. His post sounded like he was feeling defeated and worn down by all of the negatives trolls that battle him day in and day out. I decided to privately message him and see if there was any assistance I could offer. I received an immediate response thanking me for caring and we developed a personal correspondence over time. He mentioned that he was preparing an IndieGoGo campaign to drum up support for his God Loves Gays billboard project. The notion behind the project was to troll back the hateful hate mongers at the Westboro Baptist Church and erect a billboard near their headquarters in Topeka proclaiming once and for all that God certainly does love gays. Despite the satiric nature of the billboard, it delivers the point and would definitely ruffle some feathers at the WBC. This project happened to tickle my wicked spot so I offered my assistance in any capacity God needed. The billboard company needed a PR contact and in order to preserve God’s anonymity, I volunteered. And that’s how I became the listed ‘PR’ dude behind the project. Subsequently, I’ve received an endless stream of calls regarding the billboard, most media related, but some from religious zealots. Don’t fret, all calls are diverted to a dedicated email to help shield us from unwanted solicitations by unruly peoples.

I figured, since I was near Topeka, why not visit our beautiful handiwork and proudly display it here on my blog.

My next stop in Topeka was Monroe School which is considered a national historical site due to its involvement in the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court Ruling. I’m going to save that for my next post so we can just admire the billboard. *flashing proud wicked grin* 😉

– Triumphant Rabbit


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