Danish Trifecta

Christiania Swans

The Third Half Of The Danish

Wonky math aside, here is the third and final post on my random excursion to Denmark. I made it over to Copenhagen by bus to visit friends and ended up getting the executive treatment at the Marriott. Props to the Marriott for providing free everything in the executive lounge, including booze for my friends. Why don’t they do that here in the states? Hmmmm? I definitely needed the royal treatment after walking 3 miles with all my luggage from the bus stop to the hotel. I thought it would be an easy trek, but noooooo, me, in my infinite demented wisdom, thought I could handle carrying around 50 lbs on my back and shoulders in horrible shoes. Good thing I found a random shopping cart along the way to help with the load. Thanks, shopping cart! I love you!

I was only in Copenhagen for two days, so I chose to take a night stroll and see what small beauties I could find in the immediate area. The next day I visited the famed freetown of Christiania located in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s an interesting, experimental city with a storied history. They follow their own set of rules apart from the state of Denmark and even used to have their own currency, but have now started using the Danish Krone. Their is a great deal of controversy over the land and the government has been trying to take it back for many years. Christiania famously supports open sale of cannabis, but in recent years, gangs and harder drugs have infiltrated the freetown which adds to the controversy. My visit was pleasant enough and there was a great deal to see. Unfortunately, the more colorful part of town, Pusher Street, had signs everywhere forbidding photos being taken for fear of criminal identification. I didn’t even try to sneak a pic here or there for fear of violent reprisal. There were definitely shady characters watching me as I strolled through, but left me alone to my touring ways.

It was a quick visit and there was quite a bit wI wanted to see, so Copenhagen is back on the bucket list for a return trip. On my way back to Aarhus, I had presence of mind to not walk back to the bus stop and instead opted for a quick train ride…which almost turned into a mini-disaster as I had to learn how to navigate the station and almost missed my train. Here’s to better planning next time!

– Over Traveled Rabbit

Random Strolling In Copenhagen

A Free Day In Freetown



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