Have The Second Half, I’m Saving The Third Half For Later

I Heart U

Falling In Love With Denmark

[Part 2 of my Denmark trip]

Suffice to say, I fell in love with Denmark. It’s not a hard thing to do. There’s something about the way the country is planned out with cities easily blending into country forest into seaside and back into city that encourages a balanced state of mind. I’ve always found it strange to have to drive out of my way to find a good hike somewhere. I also found the people their to be quite friendly and offering to help a fish out of water whenever I looked lost. Of course, I need to return and spend more time to get a true feel of the country, but first impressions were spectacular. Wouldn’t mind moving there…though, the tax situation is off the charts. Small price to pay for socialized everything. 🙂

I’ll keep this short since I have a whole third half to show everyone. Yes, I know three halves are impossible. For the precise-minded, just think along the lines of man/bear/pig and let it go. The following is time spent catching up with a friend, Thomas, and his little cute one, Isak, my day with a wonderful couple I had the fortune of meeting, Svend and Nita, and their precious little dog, Emma, and some lasting impressions of Egå where I stayed in Aarhus.

– Head Over Heels Rabbit

Fun With The Little One

A Day With New Friends

Lasting Impressions In Egå


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