I’ll Split A Danish With You


A Spontaneous Danish Excursion

Here’s the story, folks. I’ve been on the road across America for the past 5 months working on BOX. Somewhere along the way, I hung around the mid-west a bit longer than I had planned.  A few weeks went by and I mulled over the conundrum of how to make a random trip to Denmark happen without a budget for it. I searched high and dry for a cheap ticket. I considered all layover possibilities, but to no avail. But then I had an epiphany. My father travels back and forth to China all the time and has amassed a treasure trove of miles. He is actually a 1 million mile card holder for United Airlines. Go Dad! So that having dawned on me, I asked if I could use some of his miles for my excursion and, voila!, I was able to go to Denmark for a spontaneous detour. [Side note: If you ever want to use a family member’s miles for United, it’s easy to do over the phone. Doing it online is nigh impossible to credit the miles to a different traveler besides the owner of the miles. They really need to fix the online system.]

I ended up grabbing an AirBnB in Aarhus. The place was conveniently down the road to the seaside and gave me the peace I needed away from the busy city. Copenhagen would be later in the week on my itinerary. I already posted about my first day there which was pretty much fooling around with the bus system and finding the local grocery store then taking it easy. Day two, I spent a good chunk of time visiting Aarhus University and Aarhus Central.

Suspicions Arise

You should know by now that you can’t travel with me without getting involved in some kind of mischief and it was no different in Denmark. While I was at Aarhuus university, I went around campus with my GoPro snapping pictures. Evidently, a random asian guy walking around peering into the untouched corners of the university looked suspicious to one of the employees there. I was approached and asked what I was up to. Trying to explain that I find beautiful things in the weird little places that few seldom look always gets surprised looks, but this time suspicions were on high alert because, evidently, the day before someone dressed similarly to me was doing the same except they were hanging around taking pictures near security panels. I also found out that the university had already had 3 bomb threats, but those were all called in by students who simply didn’t wish to take their exams. People are crazy!

After long explanations, I put the employee at ease. The employee finally introduced himself as Svend Soborg and it turned out that he was the long time event coordinator for the school and founder of Klubben Aarhus, the university watering hole. He ended up offering to tour me all around the campus. Svend told me all about the party scene there and I found out that Aarhus University has the highest percentage of partiers in all of the city. Way to contribute to alcoholism! Svend, himself, was responsible for many drunken fests back in the day. It was serendipitous that I ran into him because after the tour he then invited me to lunch with his wife, Nita, and an additional tour of some of the forest and seaside regions a few days later. He also gave me a couple free passes to the ARoS museum in Aarhus. Self pats on back for looking suspicious and turning it into a life win!

– Suspicious Winning Rabbit

Here are pics from the day. More to come in the next post, along with my day with Svend and Nita.

Aarhus University

ARoS Museum

Aarhus Central


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