The Wrong Right Way


Rebel might be a word used to describe me. It’s a term that has popped up quite often in my life and used by those who know me. I’ve also been called contrarian, firebrand, revolutionary, artist, philosopher to name a few. I see the world in an absurd and askew fashion without apology and with great humor. I fear consensus and, yet, I strive for some kind of meaningful consensus along the way as a living contradiction. I suppose it’s about striving for some kind of equilibrium and understanding that contradiction is part of it. Most people are uncomfortable with deep, inner contradiction. It causes a cognitive dissonant function to ping off in the brain and most people either choose a side to quell inner fears and forget to explore the strangeness of it all or ignore the contradiction altogether preferring to live in blindness. I say look at all the wrong things in your life, always. Take the wrong path on purpose against the better wisdom of the crowd. You may find far more fascinating paths, nooks and crannies. Or even better. See no right or wrong way of doing anything and just do. Create activity with a flurry and vengeance. Look at the world and put beautiful and good things into it for all to enjoy. Throughout its contradictions and baffling ways, life is still just a system and machine and we get a limited time to play in this system. So how do you want to play?

As for myself, I’m going off in my own way. Maybe we’ll meet up around the corner and get some play time in.


– Wrong Rabbit

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