Stay Angry, Aware, Awake and Fight For A Better Future


The Need To Stay Angry

[Notice: The picture at the end of this post is grim. However, it is necessary to understand the realities of our world]

If you’re not angry then you’re either a stone or too sick to be angry. You must be angry. You must not be bitter.” – Maya Angelou

I’m angry. I’ve been angry for a long time. I’m angry at the constant iniquities of world. I’m angry at a world that is capable of providing safety, freedom, sustenance, shelter and democracy for everyone but squabbles too much to do so. I’m angry at those who wish to live small, only focusing on the tired, myopic arguments and politics. I’m angry at those who prey on the weak and weary. I’m angry at inept leaders with small visions. I’m angry at myself for not doing more.

…but I’m not bitter. I don’t dissolve my anger into immobility and incompetent complaining. I’m looking for solutions to the best of my ability and encouraging others to do so, also.

With the high profile media coverage of the 300 women kidnapped by Boko Haram (twenty more kidnapped recently) and the newer atrocity of two girls raped and hanged in India, I am beyond angry. I am heartbrokenly enraged. I have questions abound and at the forefront of my thoughts:

How can this still be happening in our ‘modern’ age?

Are we not supposed to be beyond the dark ages and more enlightened?

What must finally happen for all of this to stop?

Must it always be proved to be economically beneficial to elevate ourselves or can we just do it without economic justification?

So many questions…always. The only way to not become overwhelmed and then numb to these questions is to stay angry. When we stay angry we push ourselves to become more aware and that awareness keeps us awake and non-complacent.

My fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking has taken me into the grim underbelly of the world, physically and psychologically. I have begun to understand how vast the issue is and that much, if not all of it, stems from gross iniquities of poverty and freedom of choice. Things as simple as a toilet in the house could have saved those two girls who were raped and hanged. Also, the cultural heritage and tradition in certain parts of the world where women are viewed as lower second-tier citizens must stop. No excuses. If it takes changing the identity of an entire culture to do so, then perhaps it must be done. We must strive to strip away the unevolved layers of ourselves and cultivate a higher way of being. The argument for tradition when it leads to gross atrocities is unacceptable. For those who say it can’t be done, then I say, move aside and let those of us who see a better world do what we need to do and learn from us. Become the solution or remain part of the problem.

Stay angry…


– Angry Rabbit


2 thoughts on “Stay Angry, Aware, Awake and Fight For A Better Future

    • I currently do investigatory and education awareness work re: human trafficking/modern slavery. I am also in process of being approved to sit on the board of a non-profit that fights local trafficking. It is not a matter of just going somewhere without understanding the socio-economic conditions of a region. Each region is different and great care must be taken to understand each one tone able to effectively help.

      When I say I could be doing more, I am implying we must all do more and be ever vigilant. My question for you is how are you involved in the fight?


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