Build A Greater Legacy

Stop Human Trafficking

What Kind Of Legacy Will Our Species Leave Behind?

How often do you ask yourself this question?

This question weighs on my mind most days and more so with the recent abduction of over 200 women from a school in Nigeria by the terrorist group Boko Haram. It has come to light that many of these women are at extreme risk of being swallowed into the human trafficking trade. According to women who have escaped, some of the captives are being raped upwards to 15 times per day to satisfy the sexual appetites of the terrorists. Unless these women are saved, they will face a life of mental and physical torture in the sex slavery trade. Although I sit here with clenched fists and pure, unmitigated rage at the atrocities being committed, I have no choice but to temper my anguish and clear my thoughts so that I am not a reactionary and add to the cycle of causal awareness.

The problems of the world are not a roller coaster to ride when we see fit to become aware and unaware of them. That is a vicious cycle in and of itself. What we must do is become ever vigilant and keep forever mindful of the criminal forces at play in the world. They do not rest and so we must not. We must open our eyes. We must stop blinding ourselves with nonsense comforts to mitigate our unwillingness to see the legacy of our species. Disease of the heart is real. Darkness is real. This reality can be changed if we are willing to set aside our material ignorance and commit our will towards greater human endeavors. In the end, what do any of our technological marvels and ambitions mean if we cannot learn how to treat each other correctly?

I know I am pontificating and perhaps you do not understand how any of my broad views relate to the specific incident happening in Nigeria. What has happened there was not an act born out of randomness.  There are many factors that have bred the environment for this to happen and I see the same ingredients being sprinkled about time and time again in regions all over the world. Some of the ingredients for disaster are evident like systemic poverty and corruption. Some are not so evident, such as our own consumer habits and how they add to the economic divide that foster hopelessness for others less fortunate.

We must do a better job at understanding the causalities at play that drive even the best of us to become animals and feral beasts. Organizations like Boko Haram can disperse and cease to exist if we are willing to truly tackle the issues of economic poverty, religious persecution, racial prejudice, political ego, and, frankly, human stupidity. We must look harder at ourselves and understand what kind of world we seek to build. Are we building a world where all can thrive or is it business as usual? I do not dismiss the fact that societies have improved over the centuries. However, it may not be enough if we are to truly evolve into an enlightened society. Greed still exists. Perversion still exists. Corruption still exists. Injustice still exists. It has simply taken on new forms and we cannot stop fighting it.

In my lifetime, I would like to see human trafficking greatly diminished. To do so, I will need your help in educating yourselves about the issues that come into play. I will need your help in educating yourselves on how to improve the way you live so that the way you affect others is outwardly positive. I will need your help in learning more of the ways of the world and becoming aware and awake. I know we can do this together. I am forever hopeful for if my hope fails, then I will in turn add to the dissonance of the world.

My thoughts are with the women who were abducted in Nigeria and I hope for their safe return.

– Aware Rabbit

Growing list of organizations fighting human trafficking that I support:

Human Trafficking Hotline: Please call 1-888-373-7888 or text INFO or HELP to BEFREE (233733) f you or someone you know is currently a victim of human trafficking

Polaris Project


Not For Sale


Somaly Mam Foundation

We Are Thorn

Nomi Network

The Covering House

Prevent Human Trafficking



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