The Trials Of The Writer

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Surviving The Trials Of The Writer

I write everyday. Sometimes I write long, meandering passages or streams of consciousness and other times only small snippets of quality thought come out. The point is that I make it a habit of writing something everyday. Coming up with the right words in a coherent manner isn’t always easy. Sometimes I have to force myself to sit down and think complex issues through on days when I’d rather lay on the beach and daydream. Of course, there are those days when words and thought are in sync and fly out of me with ease. It can be easy to say to myself: Let the words come on their own. If I did this, I’d probably end up doing mostly nothing all day most of the time. I find I have to create an intentional space, both mentally and physically, in order to be consistent with producing…anything. Writing is challenging.

Being a writer is an even bigger challenge. The trials of the writer are complex. Any writer, along with artists in general, worth their salt will take a critical and introspective view of most everything in life. We take immense care in the words that we produce out of our mouths or place in text because we know that language can convey deeper senses of being. Every passage we create is a vulnerable lens into our most private of thought processes. To create takes either courage or a blasé attitude towards criticism because, eventually, everyone has an opinion of your work.

Writers understand the inherent beauty of all languages. We take the time to explore how words roll on our tongues and sound in our heads. We explore the relationship between language and culture, bringing ourselves a deeper understanding of the human condition. We find the profound in the simplest of terms. You may find us laughing to ourselves in the corner of some cafe because we just had an irreverent and ridiculous thought or an amusing play on words rummaging in our attics. You may find us sitting with a scowl when faced with a troubling conundrum that takes incredible mental energy to dictate. And there will be those times when you catch us on the verge of tears from a beautiful epiphany or solemn crisis bearing down on our hearts. You won’t know what vexes us until we decide it’s good enough to commit to open text.

You must forgive us writers when we speak, for we speak slowly and intentionally. We are the tortoises of casual conversation. We don’t like to speak in trite platitudes. Those are relegated to those whose job is to diminish language into soundbites or juvenile conveyances. It is not a haughty pedestal that we place ourselves on, but we find more meaning in conversational truth and seek to create an honest platform for others. We understand that we are not always relatable. However, we also understand that if you take the time to relate with us then your worldview will expand exponentially and there is no turning back after that.

The writer is the voice of everyone and no one. We dare say what others haven’t found the voice to say and for that we are lionized and demonized. We are the investigative journalists of life, picking apart the mundane and most profound to find where the beginnings reside and what future predictions will emerge, all in the moment of the present zeitgeist. This gives us the power of influence over passionate minds. However, if we do not take care to finely hone our craft, we also easily rain down irrelevance onto an already cynical and suspicious mass. The writer must simultaneously be pervasively controversial and nurturing. We live in conflict zones of the heart and our very beings are contradictory.

Love us. Hate us. Join us. Leave us. We scribble on. We are writers. Living life through trial by fire, undaunted and rebellious, mentally hardened by necessity…but we do appreciate a gentle hand upon our shoulders from time to time.

What kind of trials do you face as a writer?

– The Written Rabbit

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