BOX – A Mystery Game

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A Mystery Game In A Book

As I pummel onwards with writing BOX, I realize that it is not only a puzzle book, but also a mystery game of philosophical intrigue. Each short story I’m writing is based on a dream I have had that has impacted and shaped my philosophical outlook on life. Of all of these seemingly disparate dreams, the mystery is: In which dream does the truth reside? The truths of ourselves aren’t always clear and how we lock these truths up and hide them within boxes of our own creation is what I am tackling and tumbling downwards into. Are the dreams we have how we see ourselves or are they indicative of what we hope or fear we may be? Perhaps they are none of these and they only serve as false endings and traps. What lays beyond the dream? is, perhaps, the true question.

The game will be played out through the 128 puzzles I have devised and woven into the book. For the curious, the puzzles include play on words, color, star charts, ancient maps, illustrated illusions, etc. and even origami! It’s been quite an undertaking. One mistake and I unravel all of my efforts. I have already had to rework the puzzles once because of a blockheaded lapse in focus and detail on my part. I pride myself on an obsessive concern with detail, but even I get lost in the maze I’ve created sometimes and have to follow the breadcrumbs back. In the end, all will be cohesive…fingers crossed.

If you have been following my blog, then you know I have dropped hints in the past of potential clues to be hidden in this blog of mine. Facades may be deceiving, but each post I have created is intentional and many will play a part in solving BOX. It is my intention to create an immersive experience where you will get to interact directly with me and perhaps with each other as you all put your collective minds together to defeat the BOX. I hope you are as excited as I am to play the most diabolical mystery game I have ever attempted to create in book form!

Don’t forget to…

Unlock the BOX, a mystery game, mystery and intrigue, adventure book, unlock your box, 128 puzzles, puzzle book, solve the book

– Mysterious Rabbit

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