Little Slices of the Real Pie

The daft fool above hasn’t posted any pics lately, so I’m going to remedy it today. I walk about quite a bit to unlock the BOX in my head and I’ve selected a few photos to share from the past few months of hoofing it. Little slices of life from all over the place: Vancouver/Lands End/Point Reyes/San Francisco Piers/Rando Roadtrip Pics/Oakland/Pacifica. The plan is to make my way out to Utah and then across the US to Nebraska at the end of April, so I’ll have more tiny adventures to share with all you wonderful folk. I’m currently only using my iPhone and GoPro camera to capture images. I want to capture life in the moment without any uber fancy camera gadgets. Enjoy some unadulterated/unphotoshopped little slices of the real.

– Real Rabbit


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