We Are We


When you walk down the streets and see an indigent man, do you see a charity case or a man with potential?

When you see a poverty stricken woman huddling in the corner, do you see a bleeding heart project or a woman with capabilities?

Are those street survivors a separate segment of society or are they us? Mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters.

Is the homeless street urchin turned mischievous pickpocket a lost cause to a path of crime or a little brother or sister needing missed guidance and love?

When we treat others without dignity, do we think if we deserve the dignity we bestow upon ourselves?

Are those in poverty a cup to fill with money and food or a bowl to be filled with opportunity?

Do we exist in segments of society and see each other with borderlines or are we, us?

Am I you or you, I?

We are we. A people. A singular species with a need for connection. How many more connections must we sever before we unify as a single chord of strength? Unity is our hidden greatness, not division. There is no bubble to hide behind. We see each other, but with blind eyes, switching between tunnel vision and opaque aloofness. Look in my eyes. I see in yours. I see beyond yours and hold in our gaze a connected universe bound through the thread of all of our stories. You are not another silhouette turned on its two dimensional side. You are my shadow and my mirror. And I reflect you. We become us and all lines bleed into each other. We can become a single consciousness with purpose if only we choose to. This is the choice…

Continue to see you as you and I as I

Or finally see that we are we.

It doesn’t seem to really be a choice. Does it?

– Rabbit


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