Importance Of The Weave


A late Tuesday post is better than no post. Sorry for the delay. My laptop decided to fall out of love with me and obliterated my precious hard drive. She’s a feisty one. At least, I have trusty ol’ PC to fall back on. I’m winking at you, dear PC.

Anyways, I’ve been spending  most of my time the past few weeks creating story and music for the game I’m building with my team at imagiLabs. We’re creating something unique for children that challenges the traditional stories that have been told over the years, starting with The Three Little Pigs. In it, we find that the big bad wolf is a misguided and misundertood soul who only wants acceptance into the pig family. He is manipulated by darker forces and the story centers around his redemption. The episode is part of a larger story of struggle to maintain vibrancy and balance in our world through storytelling. It’s been a fun process and has me thinking about the importance of everyone’s stories.

In 2012, I started thewrenproject blog to  explore the stories of others and myself. My mission was to dispel the idea that being interesting is subjective and that if we take the time to dig deeper, we find that everyone has a deeper story to tell. I also wanted to leave behind something good for the world to see. Over the last couple of years, the blog has evolved, but it is still, at its essence, part of my continued story.

I occasionally think to myself that I want to discontinue the blog and ocntinue on my exploration of living off the grid. I will probably eventually do this, but for now, I still provide a mirror into my existence. Perhaps, you see reflections of yourself in me and I, you. Perhaps, we are completely far apart from each others way of living and thinking. Either way, I know that we are interconnected and important to each other.

Let us continue to celebrate each other’s interwoven stories and unlock each other’s boxes.

– Tell Tale Rabbit


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