Calling All Men

Stadium E

This week, I’ve taken some reflective time away from all the noise in my life to think upon the myriad of projects I’m working on:

– An educational online/offline game I’m building with my fantastic new team at imagiLabs.

– My book, BOX, which I’ve fallen way behind on. Grrrr.

– An experimental social project with the homeless in my area to help keep them intellectually engaged during the day.

– A social project to educate men on ending human sex trafficking.

It’s this last one that I’ve spent more time thinking about. Human sex trafficking is a global human rights issue. Those who seek to perpetuate it, do so by keeping the activity clandestine and hidden from the public eye. Those who seek to end it, like myself, do so by exposing their atrocious activities and educating the public. Human trafficking is the 2nd largest illegal trade behind drug trafficking. At last count, it is a $32 Billion/year industry. Let me repeat that again.

Human trafficking is a $32 Billion/year industry. And growing.

This isn’t contained to certain regions. It is a globally systemic problem and happens right here in our backyard. In the US, the following cities are major trafficking hubs: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Austin, New York, …the list is large.

One of my goals this year is to help implement an educational program specifically targeted at boys and men to help encourage healthy views on women and sexuality. It is high time we brought this conversation between us men out into the open. We can no longer afford to joke around behind closed doors or think that humorous innuendo towards prostitution, rape or women brutality is acceptable. We, as men, hold a distinct responsibility in helping to end human sex trafficking and women brutality. I would like to see more men involved in this fight. A majority of people working to end human trafficking are women. This lopsidedness serves as a reflection for how we as men think about, or not think about, human sex trafficking.

Humanity is the greatest conscious anomaly the planet has ever seen. We hold within us all the ability to transcend our primal nature and work towards an enlightened and courageous global society. My call is to my fellow men to join me in my fight against human trafficking and sex slavery.

– Dedicated Male Rabbit

There are a number of organizations fighting the good fight. Wikipedia has compiled a pretty comprehensive list here:

I personally follow the work of the following organizations: (Coalition Against Trafficking in Women) (Global Alliance Against Trafficking Women) (Somaly Mam Foundation)

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