Cleansing Stream

By The Aegean

This is simply a personal stream post to quiet some pain in my heart. Sorry about the lack of context. It requires no explanation.

Should you kill me, do it with a kiss, slip me the slow knife with your lips, if you have to wrap your hands around my neck, then do it with love, out of respect, listen closely to my labored breath, it’s not for you to steal with dreams unfulfilled, away you go, away I stay, watching the distance unabridged, water parted, skin, sensitive to your damage done, rolled away with the rolling eyes, in your voice a laughter uninformed, power muted, sleep stoned, but I know it is you who is clipped and I walk away clean though diminished, but only for now, a sand in free fall washed away clean in the stream. 

……….Should you ever find this message………….I am forever sorry I wasn’t able to love you the way you needed in your dark hours.……….I tried the best I could, but in the end I was overwhelmed by the nature of your torment and fear ruled me.……….I hope that one day you find the peace that you need in your heart.……….And when you do, this boy will be looking for you upon the horizon.……….

– Muted White Rabbit

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