? Everything Why ? – 10 Contrarian Statements and Questions


[This will be my first post of 2014 and I will introduce it without much fanfare as this keeps me in a consistent mindset. Besides, I’m asian and we get our own special celebration…which I will also treat without much fanfare :)]

I find the above photo amusing. There is balance and wisdom in the contradiction: Question everything/Why question anything? I pose this conundrum to myself all the time. My curious disposition makes me a natural contrarian. I find balance in being a contrarian when applied judiciously. I also find being a contrarian exhausting sometimes. When I was in my teens and twenties, I used to debate and question everything. Sometimes for no apparent reason but just to pose a contrarian view to something. I was a rebel with too many causes. Eventually, I matured and realized this was a complete waste of time not only on my part but I was also wasting the time of others. I’ve become more selective in the intellectual battles I wage. It’s about managing my own bandwidth and respecting the bandwidth of others. Questions are spectacular. Questions are the conundrums themselves.

Today, I’m playing contrarian and mulling over contradictions in life. Without further ado, here are my 10 Contrarian Statements and Questions for the world:

1 – Stop saying you want to change the world. What world do you want to change it to?

2 – It seems the term God is used primarily to quantify/qualify and to truncate down something which we can’t possibly understand in our current human minds. Can we just use the term The Great Fucking Awesome Unknown Shit Out There (TGFAUSOT)?

3 – The world may be a simulation. When can I learn kung fu and fly a helicopter?

4 – Playing the contrarian can be a useful dialectic exercise, but know when you’ve gone too far. Ask yourself, am I being an asshole right now?

5 – Make sure you truly know what you’re talking about before making an absolute statement. Have you explored all the possible holes in your theory?

6 – Have convictions you will die for. Have you thought your convictions all the way through? (see 5 above)

7 – You don’t have to exercise the economic utility of judgement. Have you ever considered letting go and being more non-judgmental?

8 – Make sure you don’t ask questions that undermine your own self-confidence. Are you challenging yourself or putting yourself down?

9 – Don’t think you know what mindfulness is just because you have started meditating. Do you know that being mindful takes a lifetime to cultivate?

10 – The sky is a beautiful thing. Why are we constantly trying to block it out with our high rise cities?

– Contrarian Rabbit


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