Flightless Bird – 24

flightless bird

Forgive me if this post seems cryptic. My headspace is unclear as I try and source out what the universe is trying to tell me. For once, I’m caught in my own BOX. Perhaps it is best if I just stream my thoughts instead of making any cohesive sense of it all:

24 you haunt me as an hourglass breaking sand upon my eyes, you ask for sixth sense, balance, yet I tear at the seams and the scraggly edges are poking through from where I had them folded, give me a kiss on the the forehead to hush, give me some spite so at least I know you were not illusion bursting at me to believe, wild eyes, wild growl, stuck in me a spike on the loom where my heart dwells in dark places, it was the Lover asking me to gaze into your eyes, it was true, it was right and still is, but Time is sour and old and angry with me, he salts his hand and places it upon my chest and in his best interest tries to wither and break, I am unbreakable, I do not sour, but I’m misplaced, stuffed into a one buttoned bear stuffed in a dusty corner stuffed in an attic with no lamp or window to breathe free air, there to wait for when it is time to have my belly rubbed against her head and comfort her weeping heart…my flightless bird.


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