Crossing Streams

cross streams

It’s  been awhile since I’ve done a stream of consciousness post. So here goes for shits and giggles.

Blurb, blub, blubble and the brain goes burping out squiggles and random madness, unfiltered and far reaching. What is it rummaging back in the far recesses? raw noise, pure absurdity, giggling starbursts in a shouting match of black holes and double pulsars debating the merits of spaghettification. Stretchy silly putty brain goo touching the ethereal mysteries of the universe as a non-human, without bio externalities. What is this?! I don’t know and I don’t care. Meaning is meaningless and contradiction rules the day. Resolve that shit up in there! Simplifying complications is what turns the wheels behind the scenes, how to leave the mouth of madness and walk pure, unencumbered, unembroiled, still glass lake reflecting the angles I can’t always see and shining back crooked rays of the sun and showing me the world is always askew and never straight and narrow like we want it. The universal plane is messy like a bowl of overcooked chili plastered against the microwave wall. Smells great, looks uncouth. yep…gooey

– Stay Puft Rabbit


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