Watch, Feel, Learn, Care

Numbers don’t always tell the best story. Watch this. Feel anger. Learn about human sex trafficking in the world. Care (i.e. give a damn).

Anytime I bring up the subject of human sex trafficking with people the first response usually is: “Isn’t this a problem mainly overseas in asia, russia, africa, or balkan states?”


Child sex slavery is a growing and globally systemic issue that we all need to be vigilant and aware of. This is happening in our own backyards.The purveyors of human trafficking are so good at keeping it a clandestine activity that few people know what’s going on at a mass level around the world. In the United States, California, Texas and New York are major trafficking hubs. My own town of San Francisco is a culprit contributing to the problem

I can only hope that by continually spreading awareness we can open eyes and bring this issue into our daily conversations instead of ignoring the problem as if it doesn’t exist.

The historical measure of us as a species will be based on whether or not we can truly function as a compassionate society. Without addressing the human trafficking issue this society can never be.

– Angry and Compassionate Rabbit

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