Round And Round I Go


As the year comes closer to wrapping up (Is it really November?!), all the whimsy built up over the year is brimming within me at absurd levels. This is the perfect energy I need to push me and get BOX done. It’s been a one step forward, three steps back process. I’ve had to rework the puzzle solutions because I’m never satisfied and keep coming up with new tricks up my sleeve. That’s the process, I suppose. It’s still fun but it’s time to get ‘er done!

Curiosity level for the book is high and I’m definitely feeling some pressure to deliver a cohesive experience. At the same time, I have to maintain the integrity of the project and not succumb to every whim that people throw my way. The book is a direct challenge from me to all of you out there on this blue ball, afterall.

What do you consider the box you have built for yourself?

How far are you willing to push yourself to break through and see yourself for what you are? …endless possibility.

It’s time for me to get off this round around and get back on the arrow line. Push! Conquer! Create! Break the BOX!

– Dizzy Rabbit

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