Roxanne, You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light


I recently ran across the following video.

What did you learn?

Many people don’t understand why someone becomes a sex worker. “Why?” is the wrong question to ask. “How?” is more appropriate.

Here are some of the how’s:

– Young girls sold into sex slavery between the ages of 6 – 11 by their families for income. They become part of a system they can’t escape. Mortality is approximately 7 years.

– Indentured servitude. Girls get duped into the opportunity of employment overseas only to learn that they now have to ‘pay off’ their travel fees. They then incur ‘fines’ for any made up misconduct by their so called employers. To pay off these additional costs they are offered to perform sex services as an option to work it off.

– Abduction. Girls are literally kidnapped and drugged into sex service.

– Brothels/massage parlors that act as trafficking thoroughfares. This is where many of these girls end up and rarely do they escape the life of a sex worker once in the system.

– Rarely is prostitution a voluntary act, but forced through manipulation and coercion.

We need to stop thinking of prostitution as simply a way of life and that it’s here to stay. To think in this way is to admit defeat. Legalizing prostitution doesn’t address the source of the issue either. We must combat human trafficking at the global conscience level and educate subsequent generation to think of this issue in a fundamentally different way. I believe we can build a more compassionate and aware society. I will never give up in this belief.

– Stoic Rabbit


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