I Left My Love On A Table In A Bar

Sitting here at The Fog Lifter Cafe working on BOX and started thinking of some shenanigans that happened to me last week.

I had a fairly interesting and eventful night last Friday. Started at a SPCA adoption/fundraiser party to play with dogs, then another party which I can only describe as an epic hadouken!, and ended up at some bar playing an ultimate game of Jenga. How ultimate was it? Try stacking 2 collections of Jenga pieces along with a handful of random stones, pebbles, some kind of plant/flower, and to top it all off you had to do what was written on the particular Jenga piece you were stacking. Of course, my clumsy ass made all four towers fall. I wasn’t even drinking! That’s right, I’m sloppy sober.

Anyways, I grabbed a bunch of pieces that hadn’t been written on yet and my friends and I started filling in space. There were the usual vulgarities and clever ones. My new friend, Rich, even Rick-rolled us with one block (Never gonna give you up…). Can’t believe I got Rick-rolled by a guy named Rich Rohl. Too funny. I got tired of some of my more asinine writings so I went dub and dropped some deep lines on one piece. The following is the result…

1 2 3 4 5
I forget the name of the bar, but somewhere out there I’ve left my love on a table in a bar. If you should chance upon it, write a message back and perhaps one day I’ll come by and look for it.

– Romance Rabbit

…and if you’re wondering what a hadouken party is, here you go. I got blasted pretty hard.



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