I am the selfish bird flying the void. Unheeding the logos.

Gathering at breakneck speeds never stopping to consider the breaking lines I cross.

Never shall I be the candle dimly flailing. I will burn the brightest and drip the flames of the bold.

Only when I have raised my hand to the sun and enclosed its light within my fist will I stop and be satisfied.

Rare and unbridled I will fly. With not a care or heavy thought to consequence.

And if I fall, I will be an unburdened comet in the throes of arrogance and futility.

Never to see. Never to hear. Never to breathe the air of justice.

Caress me so that I may not fail so completely without conscience. With my eyes closed I did not notice abundance and now in despair I finally see.

Endings. These are the things I have caused.

– Cautionary Rabbit

Unlock Your BOX


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