The Hypothetical Playground – 20 What Ifs?


The hypothetical is the playground of the imagination. It is where absolutes go to die and get reborn into creative conundrums. Without the hypothetical the world becomes stagnant and unmoving. To celebrate the hypothetical I present a list of 20 What Ifs? that run through my head sometimes. Feel free to answer any of them.

1 – What if we didn’t have to wear socks?

2 – What if babies could speak to us telepathically?

3 – What if common sense actually ruled the day?

4 – What if we marketed philosophy instead of fast food?

5 – What if the Hulk watched porn all day?

6 – What if Superman had a really small penis?

7 – What if color blind simply meant you didn’t know the names of colors?

8 – What if the 300 actually had 301 or 299?

9 – What if Jesus really was neo conservative?

10 – What if someone found treasure while sleepwalking? Would you wake them up then?

11 – What if people didn’t have names? Would we learn to say Hey! in different tones of voices?

12 – What if you knew your exact time of death?

13 – What if people spoke in music? Would we still listen to it?

14 – What if we really are living in a simulation program?

15 – What if people stopped being so afraid all the time?

16 – What if you could digitize your consciousness?

17 – What if we really did treat each other equally?

18 – What if ceo’s had salary caps?

19 – What if I could eat banana cream pies all day and never get fat?

20 – What if we stopped asking what if?


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