Follow That Bird!


Folks, this is a wren. Did you know they are my favorite bird? Well, now you do. Why am I bringing this up? Because I like to party.

Actually, here’s a little puzzle. Solve it, submit the correct answer to and get free entry into our WRENDO Online Treasure Hunt. We are giving away 5 free entries. You can also register by clicking here:

Eventbrite - Bwah! It's A Tidal Wave Of Fun And Mayhem!

You get to compete for some great prizes including Apple TVs, gift cards, iPad minis. More prizes added the more people that play!

Now, on to the mini-puzzle:

It’s not always easy to suss out his kind. You have to have some keen olfactory senses to smell out his eau de toilette. When you find him pat him down but look out for he has many tricks up his sleeve.

Who is this?

Clue: Remember that little wren you saw earlier? Well, guess what? Its blue brother is pointing the way to the solution

images Don’t be a rumblr. Be a Tumblr.

– Dastardly Rabbit


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