Tidal Wave of Fun and Mayhem!


Well, folks. It’s time to roll out some fun and mayhem. Specifically, a Cookie Monster tidal wave of fun and mayhem! Just what am I blathering about? In the spirit of the puzzle book, BOX, that I’m writing I’m rolling out the first….drum roll please….

WRENDO Online Treasure Hunt!

Eventbrite - Bwah! It's A Tidal Wave Of Fun And Mayhem!

This is an online treasure hunt where you, my intrepid puzzlers, will get to compete either by yourself or with a team against others to win awesome prizes! Best of all you can play from the comfort of your own home or wherever you have reliable internet.

Just what is an online treasure hunt, you might ask?

In my diabolical lair of evil geniusness (yes, I know that’s not a word) I have put together a race to solve clues to passwords which I have spread all over the internet and it’s up to you to solve them as fast as you can. The passwords unlock your way to winning the treasure of prizes!

There will be fun and mayhem.

There will be prizes to be won.

There will be cookies for everyone! (Actually, no, but my friend the Cookie Monster made me say that because he’s a little not right in the head…shhhh…I didn’t say that)

Tell your friends. The more that play, the better the prizes!

Prizes include: Apple TVs, Amazon.com gift cards, Apple iPad minis. More prizes are added the more players there are. Early registration gets a discount. Register now!

More info at www.wrendo.com

– Pirate Rabbit…Aaaaargh!

Eventbrite - Bwah! It's A Tidal Wave Of Fun And Mayhem!

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