By Jove!


[By now, you’ve probably figured out this has become a testing ground for some of the puzzles in BOX. Don’t worry. The book is far more coherent than these ridiculous ramblings you read here. I’m just having a bit of fun challenging your brains. In a world of short attention spans, I challenge you to find the patience and intrepid fortitude to see these puzzles through. Degree of difficulty for this puzzle is – pretty freaking hard unless you figure out the shortcut. Don’t despair! Feel free to try with friends. Tweet me the solution and feedback on this puzzle @thewrenproject You might win a little treat for solving it.]

September 1, 1993. A day of small miracles. A little virgin rooster peck, peck, pecking through its shell to see the light of the midnight hour. It was an intensive labor of love that lasted 12 hours 57 minutes and 42 seconds. From Fog City I gazed into the night sky searching for your namesake but it was pinned through the earth against her left arm. If only I could have turned the world on its axis -4° upon the final hour (57 minutes, 6 seconds to be extra precise). I should have known our paths would not cross kindly. For this rabbit’s particular disposition is not for the peckish.

I chronicled all of this through the long lines of the elliptical. It took painstaking effort to capture all of the minute details of the moment, but it was all for you so that one day you might come to understand your importance to me. Your place amongst the stars is secure. Exceptional exceptions do occur. By Jove! They do.

I give you this. The world is your BOX. Play in it forevermore.

– From the cryptic love of a rabbit xoxoxo

The answer is _ _ _ _ _ _ _


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