Hidden Behind A Veil Of White


Image by Luke Chueh

[Degree of difficulty for this puzzle is somewhere around hardish. This may not be solvable on a phone or tablet. Desktop web browser is recommended. Working on solving this issue.

Also, I’m looking for feedback on the puzzles, so comment away. Hard, easy, stupid, awesome, etc.? Just don’t post spoilers or solutions. Thanks!]

Face value is nonsense. Complexity and mystery is everywhere even in the seemingly mundane. Dig deeper, look deeper. You owe it to yourself to turn off the blinders and finally see.
Can you see this?
WWhhiteat is the story hiding behindis tthhee veilkey? For too long we have hidden ourselves from simple life transmissions.
You are all beautiful people. See it within yourselves. See it within each other.
That luminEenlightenmentscence that you feel wiass nevermmiissssiinngg. from youYour life is ssiimplytting there in that tiny corner of your forgotconsciousness reaching out, a youchild waiting to be picked up, hbeheelldd, and thrown high iitnto the air, giggling.
Remember, remember my fellow neighbor. Stop the pursuit of happiness in material things and achievement. Have joy. Know it is there, always.
Remember a time in your childhood when you laughed purely, uncontrollably. Hold onto that brightness and sShhaarree tthhaits memory wwiitthh yourseeveryonelf.
Love. Have compassion. Open yourself to the immense possibilities of yourself outside of your constructed reality. See the worth and experiential value of all around you. Sit and watch, listen, revel and let the dance of your mind play out whatever silly games it wishes to play. UUnnlloocckk yyoouurr bbooxx. BBee…

– Rabbit dancing in hidden glory


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