Fuzzy and Muted

Vegas Rando
Vegas did a funny thing to me. It muddled up my brain and made it all fuzzy and muted like. I was there to hang with some friends and mess around in the WSOP. I ended up staying way longer than expected and turned into a dim-witted frog brain. You’ve probably noticed I’ve been silent on this blog for longer than usual. Vegas pulled a dirty magic trick and ripped my upper brain functions right out of my drooling nostrils. I haven’t even worked on BOX. Shame on me!

Last night, on my way out of Vegas, something miraculous happened. My marbles came tumbling back into place I began to have epiphany upon epiphany while staring at the gorgeous, starry sky out of the driver’s side window. I was finally away from endless, suffocating city lights and blighted rumblings of over-saturated heat crowds looking for a mindless vacation spot in a manufactured city of lost, plastic souls. My night sky presented a galactic cloud trail unwinding its majesty before me and it stirred my mind to a wakeful state away from the numbing blindness that I had been living in for over a week. I could feel and find prose again under the might of Orion’s bow aimed at the center of my grayed out heart. Damn! It felt good to think in streams again.

This rabbit has found its way out of the peacock’s tail and can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of that which we call The City of Sin.

I shake my tail and say, “Fie on you!” You can’t keep this rabbit hidden in your dusty, magic hat. 


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