A Stream For A Good Day


Just another ordinary stream of consciousness post:

DOMA down, upright citizens rejoice, even the clowns with their yapping stuffed animals follow the smiles blown upon the day, this is the park and I enjoy my nap where strangeness occurs, absurdity, laughable absurdity, who knew talks of coffee and music could lead to philosophy and insightful minds, who are we to understand for we were born to breathe free and live untaxed, no dissolution, no cynicism for afterthought, good friendships cultivated until the next time we meet for I am leaving the city of cold and sometimes warm, I have lived my 7 year itch in the city being marginalized with improper greed and misguided wisdom 2.0, there is nothing more to find myself AWOL from as there was never a home, somewhere out there over the double rainbow is a field calling for me to lay in amongst the hay fever weeds and prickling ants but I will enjoy it, I will find the great grizzly to chase me through the plains of Montana, I will find the bridges and sinkholes to jump from and possibly break my body, there is a 10 mile stretch to burn my legs yet soothe my soul in the canyon of the dreaming oasis and when the desert tires of me the majesty of sheer rock walls and marble quarries will call my true name, this is for BOX, this is for life, this is for freeing.

Uncle Nick likes ordinary cookies killing you over un real brackish outsized xylophones.


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