Boxed Meditation

Buddha FTW

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I have been a meditation practitioner most of my life. It is a supplemental action to my philosophical studies into buddhism. I do not claim to be a strict fundamental buddhist. I’m more of a strange amalgamation of scientific method, rational virtuousness, buddhist notions, and absurdist concepts. The past 2 years I have been encountering many in my immediate community who are exploring buddhist and meditation teachings. What is being proliferated in some circles is askew and misguided. 

I recently read this article: and it is troubling. Meditation is not about self-empowerment or gaining the ability to become more adept at emotional intelligence or getting ahead in life. That is the surface quality of the technique and is the western marginalization of a beautiful eastern practice. 

I am glad that there is a growing awareness of the practice. However, it is being used and marketed incorrectly. 

Meditation is an important tool in cultivating compassion for oneself and others, increasing self-awareness to understand your physical and emotional spatial connection to the world, identifying the displacement of the individual, learning how to deconstruct and reconstruct applied conditions, and the ultimate discovery of simplicity and emptiness in a noisy world. It clears a path to transcendent living and enlightenment. 

Understand that no where in that previous paragraph did I make mention the importance or advancement of the self. This is key. For there is ultimately no self, but beautiful emptiness (For a deeper examination on this concept of emptiness read: The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way). 

When it is used as a tool for self-advancement then all meaning is lost in the practice. 

I encourage those who truly wish to understand how meditation can be used correctly to not buy into articles such as these or to listen to those espousing the self-empowering satisfaction it can provide. 

True meditative qualities will challenge every notion of your social construct and make you realize the unreality of things. It will cultivate stillness and compassion so that you may become a platform as an enlightened being for all. 

I encourage you to dig deeper. 

Again, please share this message. 

– Rabbit


P.S. Don’t think that I’ve stopped littering my posts with clues for my upcoming book, BOX. 😉

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