Judgement Day


“Be curious. Not judgmental.” – Walt Whitman


Derogatory by nature. A failure of the self when we hold it within our hearts. A negative by product of being overtly judgmental. Sometimes associated with defiance, but unnecessary.

Walking a path of non-judgement is difficult in modern society. The construct of modern society deems being judgmental a qualifying behavior to determine value and worth of its citizens. However, this behavior creates deep divides that become entrenched in our thinking and can quickly become an insurmountable obstacle towards reconciliatory action. It is a corruptive force and not conducive towards creating a compassionate society.

I am confronted with this dilemma time and again. Nearly everyday. I have to let go of non-qualified judgement in order to cultivate compassion within. However, I am in a constant tug-of-war between the boxes that society wishes to create for me and what I know to be a better path. Sometimes I find myself walking a thin line of contempt as an after effect of this constant struggle. In pulling away from judgement in my personal interactions I find myself sometimes having contempt for society at large. That contempt then turns inwards and produces personal failing; self-contempt. Sometimes it manifests in my interaction with others and I have to pause to reflect and learn to release this failing.

As I ponder more on the messages contained within this funny little book, BOX, I think on what I am possibly giving and teaching through the stories or, at least, relating outwards. It is a journey I walk with you. It is a freedom I wish to give to you.

I do wonder if it can be done.

A buddhist monk traveling with his brother monks once made a visit to the United States. He looked upon his surroundings as they made their way from the airport to their place of temporary residence. What he saw – billboard advertisements, branded everything, luxury material, declarations of self-worth, etc. When they reached their destination he exclaimed to his brothers, “They are trying to steal our minds!”

Break the box. Release your mind.

– Rabbit


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