“Yet an experiment, were you to try it,
could free you from your cavil, and the source
of your arts’ course springs from experiment.” – excerpt from Paradiso by Dante Alighieri

How much would you be willing to give up for a chance at Paradise if it could be manufactured?

Could you give up your entire concept of your own humanity to obtain entrance?

I muse on these questions as I continue to write my book, BOX. I seem to have found myself writing a story on the subject of Paradise and it is a tricky concept. There are so many variations and outlooks on the idea: religious constructs, material constructs, even the emotional, ethereal and ambiguous. Then there is the digital. One of my own ideas of paradise is freedom from the inefficiencies of being human. I’m a complete sci-fi geek and I’ve always been fascinated with two concepts from Star Trek:

1. – The Vulcan race and their commitment to logic over emotion.

2. – An episode from The Next Generation: All Kaelons are required to perform suicide at age of sixty so that the elders won’t stress the society. (TNG: “Half a Life”)

I’m exploring these two ideas as building blocks. The initial premise is in the year 2235 humanity has figured out how to merge into a collective soul thereby transcend the body and all emotional conflict. There is no longer any societal stress as we are all now synced and working towards one common goal. I’ve always felt that if we could live transcendent and enlightened lives, perhaps our energies could be better used towards exploring and discovering the mysteries of the world at large instead of separated into inefficiencies of power struggles over resources and ego battles.

Well, these are just thoughts and ideas that pass on the wind as I look up to the right.

Side Note: I think I might create a mini treasure hunt before the book is finished since I’m riddling my blog posts with clues as it is. Stay tuned.


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