Cloud Stream


cloudy streaming thoughts floating into spires dangled by the heavens without roots or ties to any strings or chains beholding lies and finally never being, never seeing, what may be and what may lie underneath the truth mud. Perfectly encased rust finally upended my entirety. And the other fight was fought. Bloodied hell raining brimstone from the fists of youth, bundled into iron-cased claws with the intent to strangle and maw only to caress with deep affection across the face of soft innocence. That baby wasn’t mine and wasn’t yours. It sprung out of the dirt with its pudgy fingers escaping the miasma of being rooted forever in one space. You took it home and pulled out of it your twin soul as if it was  there to begin with and you felt forgiveness and longing that never came to knock. For your door was sealed forever with the twist of the fates. Paradise unclear.

This is all that is rambling through today if you look below.


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