I Love…

Who do you love?

I was at a wonderful dinner the other night hosted by my friends, Damian and Aurore. Aurore is italian, so we had a buffet of pizza, ravioli, other assorted cheese flavored bites, and an interesting skewered fruit concoction that were all delicious.

The usual conversational shenanigans went down until we got on the subject of most creative way to kill someone. I don’t remember how we got on this subject. It probably revolved around the topic of macabre movies we’ve all seen. Ever seen Martyrs? Watch it, but be prepared to be shocked. Anyways, I was intrigued by the concept of creative killings and proposed that the best idea would make it into my book.

(Quick aside. Clues to help solve BOX are littered all over my blog.)

I heard a myriad of great ideas. Most of them downright macabre, but fascinating. My new friend, Radu, told me a story of a man being chopped up and made into soup to feed to his children. Barf! We also talked about the show 1001 Ways to Die. That show…uh, yeah.

Eventually, Aurore told me about her idea inspired by the death by spoon. It was Death By Kisses. I was immediately intrigued because this wasn’t a violent scheme but a lover’s torment. The concept is simple. Continuously kiss someone until it drives them mad and then eventually death. I couldn’t stop thinking about this and started imagining scenarios and stories where this could happen.

It’s possible to love someone so much that you harm and suffocate them with your love. Death by kisses took this to a physical level without the psychotic stalker violence. How long would it take for someone to give up the will to live if continuously showered with kisses that tormented and blackened the heart?

I repeat. Who do you love?

How much do you love them?

Give them a kiss…


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